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Sunday, February 25, 2007 

'Kyoto-Zundels' Deny Global Warming

Right wingers think they are so smart in their ability to come up with catchy little phrases to belittle their political adversaries. Remember when they called the French 'cheese eating surrender monkeys' or last years' 'Taliban Jack'?

Well a new little phrase is popping up in the right wing blogosphere, 'Y2Kyoto'. This is supposed to demonstrate (in their feeble little right wing minds), that Y2K was a huge bust and the same applies to 'global warming' - hence Y2Kyoto. What right wingers have never resolved in their life experience is that Y2K was blunted as a result of billions and billions of corporate and government dollars being spent fixing the information technology in advance.

Anyway they have a new phrase and they think they are quite witty in their typical smug way. Let's see here and here.

But as of now, we in the Progressive Blogosphere have a name that we can call all of those science challenged right wingers who deny global warming, from this moment on, they should be referred to as 'Kyoto-Zundels'*!

(Kyoto-Zundel; noun - a person who is in denial or who denies that global warming is occurring as a result of the greenhouse effect or other human influenced causes).

Example: 'Some of the folks over at smalldeadanimals are Kyoto-Zundelists!


Dawg, I know the type. Feel free to steal the global warming vid I put up this morning, because it parodies these same people. You may get a kick out it.

Every time I hear Zundel's name I think of the "Brundel-Fly" in the Jeff Goldblum movie "The Fly"...and the hideous metamorphosis he underwent...

Great idea! I too thought that Global Warming deniers had something in common with Holocaust-deniers, but you have comer vup with a good term for vthem

Rather imature & childish way to discuss an issue don't you think?oint!

Yes greyburr ... the right wingers are very childish ... they are also completely stupid and have need of that to be pointed out - hence this post !!!!!!

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