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Tuesday, February 27, 2007 

WHO Needs $1 Billion To End Polio - Afghanistan Has Cost Canadians Over $4 Billion

Those of us who know how insane 'war' is, can use this little snippet when talking to others who think the War in Afghanistan is a good thing.

The World Health Organization has estimated that it needs $1 Billion in funding to eradicate the disease of polio from the world.

Canadians could have single handedly wiped Polio off the face of the earth FOUR TIMES OVER with what we have spent on the mission to Afghanistan between 2001 and May of 2006.

Shame on the Harper government for buying into George Bush's war mongering nonsense when we could have actually done something that matters to humanity with our tax dollars.


Great post Buckdog. It isn't till someone puts this kind of spending in relationship to other humanity aid that people see what we could have done, or more to the point - what we choose not to do.

The Conservatives have such a bizarre and archaic vision of Canada's place in the world. In their minds, the 'greatness' of a nation relates to the size of its army and the measure of success comes from conflict.

Canadians pioneered something more meaningful with our many peacekeeping missions and yes, sacrifices!

I hate this side of the Tory mindset. It is simplistic and primitive.

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