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Monday, March 05, 2007 

Canmore Alberta Wants To Kill 1000 Bunnies!

It's true! The community of Canmore, Alberta is polling its citizens to see if they agree with a plan to euthanize over 1000 bunnies who are roaming at large in the town.

"The rabbits are particularly annoying in the spring, when gardeners are trying to establish new plots of flowers and vegetables.

The bunnies also erode the soil, steal food and habitat from natural species and attract predators, such as foxes and coyotes."



Alright, I admit, I read this and immediaately heard Elmer Fudd... "Kill da wabbit, kill daa waaabbbiit..."


"The bunnies also erode the soil, steal food and [...] attract predators, such as foxes and coyotes."

I think this is called 'nature'.

I know it is scary for some ... but why are they killing all the bunnies ... this is going to really down out my Easter this year ...

Ahhh... but ya know we can't have too much *sniff* "nature"... it's so messy what with animals cavorting about, leaves blowing, etc... miles and miles of nice clean ashphalt... now that'll really make your heart sing!!

As far as your Easter... hopefully Elmer will spare the one with the basket full of pastel eggs.


I dunno, left dog, those bunnies might look harmless but we know the truth don't we?


Had to laugh. We have major "bunny troubles" here in southern Nevada, both jackrabbits and cottontails and yes, they DO eat every darn thing...lost my entire veggie plot last year. For the record though, they do NOT "erode the soil". Bunny droppings are quite good for the soil.

They were not a problem in the past but with increased "development" we've lost a lot of our coyote population so now the bunnies rule the earth.

I've more or less made my peace with it....and planted tons of bunny-repelling plants like rosemary, garlic, etc. Not good choices for growers up your way but anything from the allium family will do and I'm sure there are plenty of other cool climate alternatives.

If as a society we believe we can honestly control the evolution of our ever diminishing lands the people of Canmore are more delusional than the crack-heads overpopulating Calgary's downtown streets. And even here jack rabbits still have the right to live.

I've visited Canmore once or twice since moving to Alberta a year ago, usually as a detour on my way to Banff and B.C. And it has shocked me to hear about the abvious cruelty the smutty rich who have invaded the mountains are fighting to kill cutsey rabbits. Its kinda sick regardless of your flower gardens, or your veggie gardens. People if you can afford your quality of life why can't u afford a fuckin' fence? Is that too restricting you you t perhaps fence your gardens? Why not shoot all the rare birds because they chirp in the area?
What you are attempting to lobby is rediculous beyond imagining. I'm thinking that bringing back some of the diminished predators wouldn't be a horrible thing. After all they we're there before you began building you quaint little mountain town. Pushed and shoved aside by progress as we call it. Look where you choose to live, in the mountains, we're 90% of Canadian wildlife lived before you. Rabbits we're introduced domestically but so we're half of the species on earth. You killed our wild horses. Killed the bears. Killed the wolves and anything with fur that moves.
I truely hope that whoever makes this decision chooses on the side of morality and nature, our evolution. Today , reading people's comments on the atrocity of tiny cute bunnies made me sad to be a part of humanity. You yuppies need to get over yourselves.

I don't understand how anyone could kill tons of little harmless bunnies all to save their stupid vegetables. The bunnies have to eat too! What is the world coming to?!

I know this comment comes a little late, as the aritcle was from last year, but in reading some of the comments, particularly urban cowgirl's rant, I felt the need to shed some light. I am a Canmore resident, born and raised, and am half way through a biology degree, and work for Alberta parks in that department. I am blown away that you beleive that the bunnies are harmless and part of the wildife in the valley. If you are so concerned about wildlife maybe you should do a little research on the topic of ecosystem balance, and how the bunnies have thrown it completely off. The bunnies of south Canmore were introduced about 20 years ago, and subsequently reproduced and are now out of control. This is thanks, in part, to the non-permanent residents of Canmore who beleive that they are cute and play some kind of role in the ecosystem. For your information, they take up huge amounts of natural land, which pushes natural residents out of the area. On top of that, they draw in large predators such a Coyotes, wolves, cougars, bobcats and even bears. This puts our already diminishing population of large predators(the real natural residents) at serious risk of being killed, because as soon as animals are found to be problem animals in Canmore guess what they do to them? They kill them. So it is up to you to worry more about the damn bunnies who are causing us endless problems in town, or the larger and more important animals that actually reside as natural parts of the ecosystem. So, bunnies are indeed cute, but they sure as hell are not part of nature. And they are disrupting and endangering important predators, without whom the entire ecosystem would collapse. I hope this clarifies some things, and you can all understand that we are not killing the buniies because we don't like them and they are annoying. For you city dwellers and part time canmore residents who hold the vots cuz you took over, there are much deeper reasons for any biological action taken by the town or the parks to rid us of the bunnies than your naive minds allow you to beleive. And for the record, urban cowgirl, Canmore did not start as a rich town full of weekenders and empty houses. There are still locals who care deeply about where they live, and it does cost us alot, but we pay for where we live, and we will not give it up so a bunch of 'yuppies' can take over. South Canmore in particular, is one place in the town where the locals are prevailing, as expensive as it is.

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