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Monday, March 26, 2007 

Conservative Party Of Canada Appeals Anders Ruling

The Conservative Party of Canada has filed an appeal of the ruling which overturned the acclamation of Calgary Tory MP Rob Anders. The case will be heard in the Alberta Court of Appeal in Calgary April 17th.

Rob Anders has been a Reform Member of Parliament, then an Alliance MP and finally a Conservative MP. Anders graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. Before being elected he had worked in the United States for the Republican Party for the 1994 senate campaign of Jim Inhofe in Oklahoma as a professional heckler. In this video link, Anders is the one at the microphone who puts on the 'pinocchio' nose. This earned him the label of "a foreign political saboteur" from CNN.

Buckdog has been following the Rob Anders case for sometime. Stay tuned for further developments!


buckdog, everybody in Anders riding should see this video. This is an MP who looked like a fool.

It was NOT easy to find that little video gem. I hope everyone in Calgary Centre constituency gets a chance to see it.

Anders is something else alright.

Do you know who has the rights to that video? I'd love to put it up on my site too.

1337 - check your email!

Great video. As my son would say - Anders was owned!

Anders's riding is Calgary West. I'd say that a chimpanzee could win that riding if it ran as a Conservative but friends that live there love Anders. They say that he is a warm and thoughtful individual. Once I tried to discuss the Mandela incident but was told that "Rob" must know something that we don't.


The former 'REFORM' Party MP's who now sit as 'Conservative' MP's should be challenged on their old Reform policies on term limits for elected politicians. Anders has served, what, 5 terms as a Member of Parliament, already entitled to a better pension then most of us can ever dream of.

What happened to all of that right wing stuff from former Reformers:
-Stephen Harper
-Jason Kenney
-Rob Anders

Maybe this will dent the thick skulls who support him in Calgary West. (H/t to Psychols)!!

It is time to 'privatize' Rob Anders and send him into the private sector.

Buckdog - don't know if you've read this or not, but the Court of Queen's Bench has the entire ruling on the Calgary-West nomination fiasco


Here is a big TIP OF THE HAT to you Kirk! Thanks very much! Stay tuned for more on this story!

What an embarrassment.

I feel sorry for his constituents. They need new representation.

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