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Monday, March 05, 2007 

In Liberal B.C. They Jail 78 Year Old Grandmothers Who Fight To Protect The Environment

A 78-year-old environmental activist and great-grandmother was given a 10-month prison sentence in B.C. Supreme Court Monday for criminal contempt of court.

Betty Krawczyk had been convicted of contempt after being arrested three times while taking part in last year's protests against highway construction through the Eagleridge Bluffs in West Vancouver.

She has spent 2½ years in jail for previous contempt convictions stemming from anti-logging protests.

Anyone who has ANYTHING to do with this - From Liberal Premier Campbell on down to the RCMP Officers who complied - Be ashamed!!

Meet Betty - This is a great-grandmother, she IS NOT a criminal!

-The News Is NowPublic


the laws the law, no more intimidation by socialist do gooders

"The law is an ASS sir," because it has been written to give MORE rights to corporations then it does to the citizens. The law has been created by elected politicians who advance a corporate agenda.

When Nelson Mandela was in jail for decades it was because someone like you said, "the laws the law, no more intimidation by socialist do gooders"
- you are AS EVIL as the people are who put Nelson Mandela in jail. How do you live with yourself and your self righteous nonsense??

The notion of "contempt of court" is in itself contemptable. Laws should not be used to protect the greedy, corrupt and powerful. If they weren't there would be no need for civil disobedience. Neither should there be injunctions which are just one more way of the powerful forcing the weak to do their bidding. Furthermore, if decisions were made in a consensusal manner, rather than being forced upon people whether they agree or not, there would also be no need for cV.

The law has been written and paid for by corporate interests. Anyone who can't see that isn't worth the bother of trying to explain it to them. They are either part of the system, or a brainwashed "sheeple".


Did you read my Gardasil post and the comments that followed? If that doesn't smack of corporatism, then nothing does... especially the Bioshield 2 law. Check it out.


Wow, maybe this judge is trying to get a spot on one of Harper's police-approved benches. This is going to be the new smart move for careerist judges.

Ridiculous. If laws are (supposedly) written to "protect the public" then exactly how is jailing grandma protecting anyone. It isn't, change the law.

I admire her courage. She went into this knowing full well what would happen. Thoreau, Mandela, Gandhi, and King, she is a proud example of nonviolent civil disobedience.

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