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Monday, March 19, 2007 

The METHOD In Elizabeth May's MADNESS

Many people are wondering what the Leader of the Green Party is thinking by running against Foreign Affairs Minister, Peter MacKay in Central Nova.

Under the surface, there may be a political brilliance that most pundits are not fully appreciating.

This will be a very closely watched race. Win or lose (and let's face it, winning is going to be a tall order for May) everyone will be keeping their eye on this race. I can think of no other ploy the Greens could have done that will bring the volume of media coverage and public curiousity that this election will generate.

Let's face it, this contest will bring more publicity then money can buy, and in this case, it will be FREE media coverage for the Greens and their leader.

Insane? Hardly .... it may prove to be brilliant.

CTV News


Whooee! I posted on this today, too. I've been emailing back and forth to Elizabeth over the past few weeks. She replies personally and in a timely fashion -- unlike my own MP and Peter MacKay. I've emailed her this morning re the decision but I reckon she's probably got a lot more important people to deal with than ol' JimBobby.

The PR advantage is probably the best reason but I don't think it was needed this time. In 2006, GPC leader Harris ran against Jack Layton. Smart PR when the GPC was basically broke and largely off the MSM radar. That's no longer the case.

With GPC support as high as it is, Lizzie will get decent press no matter where she runs. I think if free PR was the main reason for the decision, it was a mistake. If she'd run in a winnable riding, the grassroots would bump up their donations like we did when she ran in London.


GMTA ... the publicity angle was my first thought when I heard the announcement ...

If you and I are correct that this is a strategic move designed to maximize profile of their leader and campaign, then it IS a great strategy.

Guys, there is way more to this than meets the eye.

This move in the context of the following article, and that she has roots in the area, makes alot of sense to me.


This will be a great race - if the Libs don't field a candidate ... that should put a scare into MacKay.

This will the the another good race to watch.

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