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Saturday, March 24, 2007 

Taliban Gaining Support Amongst Afghan Civilians: POLL

The Senlis Council, a security and development policy group located in London - Paris - Brussels - and Kabul have published a report entitled: Countering the Insurgency in Afghanistan: Losing Friends And Making Enemies.

"With a rapid rise in violent insurgency, southern Afghanistan is at tipping point, and the international community�s counter-insurgency strategy is in urgent need of reassessment.

The general Afghan population is feeling increasingly alienated from and hostile to the international community. The practice of counter-insurgency in Afghanistan has so far predominantly focused on military instruments to fight against the insurgency. By doing this, it has wrongfully left out all the non-military elements that form part of counter-insurgency strategy � for example, humanitarian aid, economic development, establishing health care and developing the education system. What Afghans in the south see instead in their daily lives are the military bombing campaigns, where bombs do not distinguish between innocent civilians and insurgents.

What is required is a frank reassessment of the realities of the current insurgency dynamic, the declining credibility of the international community and an acknowledgement of the legitimate grievances of the Afghan people. If properly applied, the non-military elements of classic counter-insurgency practice would immediately improve security and create more support for the Karzai government."

-Senlis Council
-CTV News


Mission Accomplished. Hey Bush, where's Osama?

"What Afghans in the south see instead in their daily lives are the military bombing campaigns, where bombs do not distinguish between innocent civilians and insurgents."

Yep...the neo-cons got the idea from their beloved textbook, " How to Incite Hatred and Create Terrorists for Dummies"

I keep hoping that saner minds will prevail and policies will be changed accordingly... haven't these guys heard you catch more flies with honey than vinegar???


The war in Afghanistan was clearly won, instead of genuine democratization and going after Osama, Bush installed a former Unocal employee (Karzai) as his puppet and went after Saddam.

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