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Monday, April 16, 2007 

Dion Would Rather See The Conservatives Win Central Nova Instead Of New Democrats

It is time to call a spade a spade.

- The discredited Liberal Party came THIRD in Central Nova last election.
- The fledgling Green Party came FOURTH.
- The New Democratic candidate came SECOND.

If Dion's motivation had ANYTHING to do with defeating Peter MacKay, then the Liberals would throw their weight behind the New Democratic candidate.

So what is this all about? It is about Dion's fear of the New Democratic Party and his desperate attempt to shore up his dismal polling numbers (not to mention his disastrous 'leadership preference numbers').

The Liberal Party of Canada is corrupt, and crooked and has lost its way. This is NOT your grandpa's old Liberal Party. The Liberal leadership is playing with fire - I hope that Dion burns his fingers before this is all said and done.


I don't care _who_ wins Central Nova - as long it's NOT Peter Mackay.

(I'm not sure I can take one more picture of him lusting over Condi's boots)

The Green can't beat MacKayu - the Liberal can't beat MacKay. Only the New Democrat (with some Green & Lib support) can beat MacKay.


Well, Layton doesn't seem to want Green support, so...

Dion's motivations could be that he got a green endorsement by giving up very little.

May got a better shot at taking the riding.

I think the dippers will come in third in the riding next election.

I think a fair question to ask you is this. If you believe that the Greens can go from 4th place (with what, 2% of the vote in Central Nova) AND WIN THE DAM THING - then I wonder where the roots of that delusion originate??

Dion is trying to ensure that the NDP do not win the seat. He would rather have MacKay win then a New Democrat.

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