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Tuesday, April 10, 2007 

Ezra Levant Wanted UK To Have War With Iran

Pronunciation: 'wor-"m&[ng]-g&r, -"mä[ng]-
Function: noun
def: one who urges or attempts to stir up war
Merriam-Webster's Dictionary

In his April 9th article in the Calgary Sun, entitled, 'Freed Sailors No Victory', right wing columnist Ezra Levant bemoans the fact that Great Britain did not make war with Iran.

"The Iranian kidnapping of 15 British servicemen -- legally in Iraqi waters on a UN-sanctioned mission, no less -- was as much an act of war as the Argentinian invasion [of the Falklands islands]. But instead of meeting war with war -- launching a raid to seize the hostages, or striking at military or strategic sites in Iran, or even attacking Iran's nuclear facilities -- Prime Minister Tony Blair did nothing but wait."
Ezra Levant

April 9th
Calgary Sun

Using this article to praise Margaret Thatcher for her war with Argentina, Ezra clearly is disappointed that the Blair government did not start the spark of war that just might trigger a massive tragedy in the Middle East.

Levant is irresponsible at best, a warmonger at worst. He should be held in contempt by all reasonable people.

Here's another great case of historical amnesia, anyone remember the last time that a Western government tried to free its citizens from Iran?

Ask Jimmy Carter about how that one worked out for him.

An outbreak of war against Iran would be catastrophic to the world economy. Just look what taking the 15 Brits did to the price of oil.

Makes you wonder what would have happened if they were Canadian Soldiers captured.... wonder if Harper would be as quick to pull the trigger as Levant would.

good point Ty!

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