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Tuesday, April 17, 2007 

Green Party Senior Strategist Resigns Over Pact With Liberals - Not To Worry!

Dan Baril, senior Green party strategist, resigned his post because of disagreements with Elizabeth May over the pact struck by the Greens with Stephane Dion.

Let me reassure ALL Green Party members and supporters that you have NOTHING at all to worry about. I am quite sure that Stephane Dion and all of the Liberal strategists have only the best interests of the Green Party at heart.

Just do as the Liberal strategists tell you and I am sure that you will be just fine!!!!!

The Star


This was writing on the wall. Why have a green party strategist if you are just going to mouth liberal talking points - if it talks like a liberal, looks like a liberal -http://ca.news.yahoo.com/photo/14042007/2/photo/national-liberal-leader-stephane-dion-green-party-leader-elizabeth-head.html - it's a liberal.

So May is having strategist retention problems and so is Dion ... hmmm ... my dad used to have a saying about 'the lunatics running the asylum' or something along those lines ...

when the liberals first envcountered what was then known as the "ginger group" they tried to absorb them. that group became the CCF. the liberals tried to absorb them. they have tried it with the NDP since its formation.

the liberals are constantly sucking lefties and progressives in by enticing them with the "opportunity to make real change"

the liberals make a half-assed effort, have their way with the political person/entity and then move on to the next flavour of the week

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