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Saturday, April 14, 2007 

Held For 6 Years - NO Charges Laid - Released To House Arrest - What's Up With That?

Mahmoud Jaballah is a suspected terrorist living in Canada. He was arrested and held for six years in a Canadian jail. He was NEVER charged with anything. He has NEVER seen the evidence that has caused suspicion against him.

Canadian right wingers - most likely those of feeble intelligence who support Steven Harper and his crew, will call me 'soft' on terrorism for my position, but allow me to ask one question. What the hell goes on, when you hold someone for six years and after six years you have nothing to nail him with in a court of law?

I fully understand Canada needs measures and laws to protect us from those who would hurt us. Somehow, if authorities CANNOT come up with sufficient evidence AFTER SIX BLOODY YEARS - then something is VERY WRONG with our anti-terrorism laws and process.

So now he is only under 'house arrest' ....

CTV News

Great post Leftdog! These kinds of arrests without charges are deplorable. You hit the nail right on the head.

Buck you just to have faith that the insiders and whispers know best.

In both Canada and the States, something has happened to the principles that you ought to know what the charges are against you, and the presumption of innocence. Like you said, we need to be protected from real threats, but shit, it's making a mockery of our justice system.

It just reminds me of medieval 'debtors courts and debtors prisons'. If you owed someone money and they obtained an order against you, you were incarcerated until you paid. The flaw being - how can you possibly earn any income to repay the debt while incarcerated.
We might as well start dunking suspects into a deep body of water, and if they float, they are guilty - if they drown, they were innocent.

A good post. While I agree with you in principle, keep in mind that the judge would have had to have seen some evidence to sign off on the house arrest. I think.

But you're right. The fact that libertarianism goes underground at the mere mention of alleged terrorisim is a sad statement on the conservative movement.

Precautions against terrorism are certainly a good idea, but when those precautions go so far as to undermine the very principals that make our nations free, the struggle against terrorism is over and the terrorists have won.

Welcome to the "New North America".

Just wait until they get the "Security and Prosperity Partnership" in place and fully implemented. (You won't recognize this country - if you can even recognize it now.)


When did any government in this country ever get a mandate from the citizens to engage in this kind of sell off of our sovereignty and democracy?

Larry, thanks for the link - always glad to see you here!


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