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Wednesday, April 04, 2007 

Minutemen To Take Up Positions On Canada - US Border

From Associated Press

PITTSBURG, N.H. -- A group that has patrolled for illegal immigrants along the United States borders with Mexico and parts of Canada is planning to extended operations in New Hampshire.

Organizers say the Minuteman Civil Defence Corps wants to patrol starting this weekend, but it needs more volunteers and contributions. Ron Oplinus, director of the state chapter, says the Minutemen do not welcome vigilantes or racists, although some members carry guns, which they are instructed to keep holstered.

He says the state chapter was established a year ago and has 36 members who have visited the Canadian border to establish an operating post.

-Union Leader

The way the Bushco's war in Iraq are going, they are probably there to keep Americans and deserters in, rather that illegal immigrants out.

Whooee! Keep yer gun in the holster an' yer finger off the trigger... yeah, right.

I figger we should wait fer about 15 of 'em t' accidentally wander over inta Canada an' then we scoop 'em up an' make 'em read confessions on the TV an' look like the stoopidasses they are.


These guys need a better hobby. Really.

The border is 8,891 km long, passing through heavy forests, rugged mountains, and massive lakes.

Just what do these 30-odd minutemen think they'll accomplish?

We should just set up a group called the "Northern Patrol" or something and station ourselves across the border where the Minutemen are, and watch _THEM_. We can also say we're watching in case any Americans try to come across, and if we want to be really bastards about it, we can say we're watching out for gun trafficking coming from the US.

Fences serve two purposes - to keep people out, or to keep them in...

Were I an American, I'd be very worried about that bunch of gun-toting yahoos calling themselves "minutemen".

I'm guessing this is some of drinking game. Right?



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