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Monday, April 16, 2007 

Oh By The Way - Has The Liberal Party Of Canada Paid Back All Of Money They Illegally Obtained From The Sponsorship Scandal???

I mean, I'm just wondering????

Backgrounder on Liberal Party of Canada Activity That Saw Our Tax Dollars Go For Their Own Political Enrichment - In Case You Forgot Exactly How This Crew Operated


Buckdog, on a bit of a roll tonight or just pissed off?


I sat here today watching smug Liberal supporters on prog blogs going on and on that Jack would rather talk with the Taliban then talk to May .... blah blah blah ... NOT THAT MUCH DIFFERENT THEN WHEN HARPER SAID THAT LIBERALS WORRIED MORE ABOUT TALIBAN PRISONERS THEN ABOUT CANADIAN SOLDIERS ... and when Harper said that, some dipper bloggers came to Dion's defense and went after Harper ... so now I am sitting here watching Liberals do to Layton what Harper did to Dion.

interesting post!

So your response is to mindlessly parrot one of the stupider of the Conservative ranting points?

Is that because you can't justify Jack's willingness to talk to the Taliban but not to a fellow Canadian?

Or is it because you haven't thought the whole thing through?

I expect better from you.

My point all along here is simple .... what the hell does the Taliban have to do in a debate about:
-Central Nova
-May and the Greens
-Dion and the Libs
-Layton and the NDP
..... the Taliban .... (one of these things IS NOT like the others) ... and Libs are talking Taliban to be mean spirited and murky the waters about why it actually is that Dion wants to do his thing with May ...
smug Libs keep bringing the Taliban into the bloody discussion and that is idiotic .... there are no Taliban considerations when trying to untangle 'Central Nova' ... so I am calling 3 or 4 Lib bloggers on that .... AND I am pissed off ...

I would much rather see the end of the Conservative Party of Canada.

Of course the Taliban has nothing to do with the debate.

Consider this blogger outreach.

Overall I'm sympathetic with what Dion and May are trying to do, but I agree with you that the Taliban reference is hitting below the belt. It should have no place in the debate. Talking to the Taliban, incidently, is going to have to happen sooner or later.

Stephen ... "I would much rather see the end of the Conservative Party of Canada." AGREED!

Rob .... thanks!

Oh for christs sake - who Jack is and isn't willing to talk to about anything under the sun is of course relevant. Just as it would be for any politician.

Whose calls does Harper take or not take? Dion? Duceppe?

Of course it's relevant.

And it gets even more relevant when we're talking about citizens of Canada, irrespective of their standing.

If Jack says in public that dialogue with person or group "A" is something to be desired then it's perfectly reasonable that his refusal to have a dialogue with person or group "B" is up for comparison.

You're just going to have to live with it.

The Secret notwithstanding, wanting something so hard you can taste it will not result in acquiring that thing.

The CPC or another right wing party will be around long after the Green and/or NDP social experiments fail/merge into the Libs.


The CCF/NDP has been here since 1933. Not going anywhere anytime soon.

I think you're being a little overconfident there Lance about the conservative nature of Canadian society, especially with respect to the far-right brand of conservatism we're seeing in the Harper conservatives.

There will always be a progressive element in Canadian society that will be reflected in the political system.

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