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Wednesday, May 16, 2007 

NASA Finds Evidence Of Widespread Antarctic Melting

The melting of snow cover in January, 2005 was the most significant Antarctic melting seen since satellites began observing the continent three decades ago, NASA said Tuesday.

"Antarctica has shown little to no warming in the recent past, with the exception of the Antarctic Peninsula, but now large regions are showing the first signs of the impacts of warming as interpreted by this satellite analysis,"


NASA has also found evidence of rapid warming currently on Mars, even more profound than what we are experiencing on Earth. That really shook my core beliefs...is it possible humans are not or just one cause of climate change? I now think so.

Phill, you never fail to disappoint. Your right wing world view boggles my mind.

In an earlier post, you indicated how much you hate Canada - you want us to merge with the United States.

Now you add right wing climate change denial to this post.

Dog, I believed firmly in human induced climate change until last week when I read NASA's report on Martian warming. I also reject the term right wing, I'm a centrist. I don't believe in alot of things, Canada among them. So what? Now are you going to continue to insult me or are we going to discuss this post?

Phill, bring the NASA report here and post it. I am going to be a doubting
Thomas on what you say. I post my sources with every post. I need yours.

Now I want the NASA reports, NOT someone else interpreting what NASA has said; not some news story about what NASA said - bring the actual NASA news release or article that you base your comments on.

This week's edition of Nature Dog, your welcome to read news reports on it, but the study itself is in Nature magazine.

No ... NASA has a site with their own news releases. You claim that NASA said something but I am not going to go and do your research for you.

I post my sources here when I make claims.

I am looking for NASA backing up what you say - not what some magazine says that NASA 'said'.

Dawg, aren't Bushies virtually always with with the talking points, but absent with the documentation?

He wont be able to find the information because NASA never claims mars is undergoing a global warming. The northern ice cap is not melting and the southern has been shrinking over the last 3 years. Earth has been in a warming trend over the past 100 years and there has been no direct increase in the amount of solar radiation over the past 30 years. The attribution of the change in the southern mars icecap is related to unstable climate of the region, and has been suggested to be a regional climate change occuring on mars. Others have suggested a change in the axis of mars and also its orbit.

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