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Sunday, June 17, 2007 

Conservative Party Sponsors Pierre Bourque Driven Race Car

The Conservative Party today announced a partnership with Whitlock Motor Sports unveiled at the Mosport Race Track in Bowmanville, Ontario.

The partnership will include the Conservative Party of Canada logo being placed on the hood and front side panels of car number 29* in the Canadian Tire NASCAR Series.

As well, National Newswatch is reporting that car number 29 is listed as being driven by Pierre Bourque. Inside Track News blogsite has details.

National Newswatch

Progressive Bloggers

Photo courtesy Inside Track News

Whats wrong with this Buckdog, If your hinting that Bourque will give them a free ride, I would be surprised, knowing Bourque style, he will slam them more to ensure everyone thinks he is being neutral.

kingston - don't put words in my mouth!! How bloody typical of your right wing bias!! I am not hinting anything - it is an interesting story!

"them more to ensure everyone thinks he is being neutral."

You mean people actually believe he is neutral? You're kidding right?

Bourque and the Cons placed 13th in the Fathers Day Race today.
That sounds about right.

no ring wing bias here left, I decide who gets my big bad X the day of the election. Hell I cannot even describe my political bias, if I had to I would have to say mongrel, a little bit from each of the parties would be acceptable to me

Whooee! Kingston asks what's wrong with the Conservative Party of Canada sponsoring a racecar driven by a headline-selling "journalist" and owned by CanWest-Global Media.

What's wrong is that NASCAR is anti-Earth. NASCAR vehicles do not use alternative fuel and, in fact, only started using unleaded fuel in 2007.

A typical NASCAR weekend event pumps 20-40 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. That's from the racecars, alone, and not including the RV's and muscle cars driven to the events by spectators.

NASCAR is a popular "sport" in redstate Merka. The Cons are completely out of touch with mainstream Canajuns who are lookin' fer ways to help ol' Mother Earth and are not lookin' fer ways to help another pollutin' Merkan industry establish itself in Canada.

What's wrong with it? Just about everything.


No Jim Bobby, Maybe you are out of touch with main stream Canada on this one. There is a huge segment of the population that follows NASCAR in this country.
NASCAR has a strong fan base in Canada with 5.8 million fans, representing one out of four Canadian adults. The average Canadian NASCAR fan has been following the sport for approximately 10 years. The Canadian NASCAR fan base is truly national with fans from all across the country: British Columbia - 12%, Alberta - 11%, Manitoba/Saskatchewan - 6%, Ontario - 39%, Quebec - 24%, Atlantic Canada (made up of all Atlantic provinces) - 8%.*

Notice the percentages JB, all those rednecks in ON and Quebec.

Fighting GHG doesn't not mean we have to stop doing everything people enjoy. Go ahead run with that theory and see how much support you get from the every day Canadian. Lets get rid of our boats, snowmobiles, motorcycles and maybe we will give up camp fires at our cottages too. I believe it is statements such as yours that make it more difficult to get ordinary people on board to make the changes that are required.

As to your comment concerning Bourque being the driver they sponsored I addressed that to Buckdog and from his reply I am assuming he doesn't think it is a huge problem.

Thanks for the photo credit (not many bother), and for the traffic.

It costs money to run a racecar and teams sell space on their cars to recoup some of their costs. The CPC wanted to buy space on his car, and he sold it to them.

Television and radio stations sell ad time to political parties. The act of running an ad implies no endorsement by the station. From what I can see, the Bourque / CPC sponsorship is no different.

Greg MacPherson / Inside Track.

p.s. - Pollara (not exactly CPC leaning) has also sponsored Bourque's racing efforts. Thought I'd throw that out there.

No prob Gregm!

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