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Monday, June 18, 2007 

Ezra Levant's Bold Vision For Alberta Means Getting Rid of Medicare And CPP

After the loss of a Calgary seat in last weeks byelection, Alberta Tories are showing some nervousness. Wading in with advice for Conservative Premier Ed Stelmach is my favourite Alberta right wing ideologue, Ezra Levant. Levant states that it is time for a new ideological vision for Alberta. Something like say, getting rid of Medicare! Or how about getting rid of the Candada Pension Plan for Albertans?

"How different it would be if Stelmach actually had a galvanizing vision for the province, something that would divide the provincial discussion along ideological lines of his choosing. The abolition of the provincial income tax would be such an idea; opting out of costly federal straitjackets like the Canada Pension Plan, Employment Insurance and even Medicare would be another or the so-called "Alberta Agenda" championed by Ted Morton."

Calgary Sun

Medicare? Isn't that the American plan? So, uh..yeah, get rid of that?

That aside, I'd loooooove to see the provincial Cons take Ezra's sage advice into policy. PLEASE, pretty PLEEEEASE.

I'm sure all the folks in Alberta here would get out and vote to Ezra's passions, especially the rural voters forming the base, who don't need that stinking basic healthcare and Canada Pension, on account they all have private plans and extra income to pay for it. Newpnewpnewp.

Ezra appears to have very good drugs within easy reach in his desk drawer.

Ezra and his devotees are so immersed in right wing lifestyle, ideology and culture that they simply cannot comprehend anything but their own self absorbed nonsense.

They actually think that they are mainstream. On those points where they know that they are not mainstream, they just lie as Harper is doing with all of his broken promises Or they try to shout down any voice that disagrees with their pat 'formula' right wing knee jerk approach to life.

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