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Tuesday, July 17, 2007 

Alberta Conservatives At 34 Per Cent!

Yes siree! There is trouble in Tory land. The Alberta Progressive Conservative Party has been in power since August, 1971. Under the leadership of Premier Ed Stelmach, their polling numbers have fallen to only 34%.

-Globe and Mail

Progressive Bloggers

When Ernie Eves succeeded Mike Harris, he spent 6 months trying to separate himself from the Harris legacy. His inability to lead coupled with cabinet members with their own agenda helped to derail him.

He was fixated on his wardrobe and appearance rather than achievement in the legislature. He was also contradictory being vehemently vocal about same sex marriage while sleeping with a member of the legisilature to whom he was not married.

He tried looking presidential after the province-wide power failure and his twice daily press conferences were just photo-ops that everyone saw through.

Then he had the gall to hang on after his defeat as premier and he was hoping for a quango like the Liquor Board, or some such or even--wait for it--a Senate seat.

The arrogance of the man is astounding. His disappearance is gratefully received by Ontarians far and wide.

Conventional thinking is that the decline in popularity is all Stelmach's fault. I am not entirely convinced. Ralph Klein did a lot of damage to the Conservative party's reputation in the last two years of his tenure. Almost everything Ralph said was embarrasing and infuriating.

Oh, leftdog. Just cause the Alberta PCs are at 34% doesn't mean the Alberta New Democrats or Liberals are benefiting from their decline. Unlike the Sask Party which is almost certain of a win in the next election just east of big brother Alberta. :)


It's about time that the Alberta PC's got their electoral clocks cleaned.

...but then again, I haven't voted for them ever - Don Getty was Premier when I came of age, and, well, he actually made Klein look good. (*bleagh*)

Dylan, don't forget that there are tens of thousands of people who have moved to Alberta who have no history with the Alberta tories. That is why Edmonton has so many Liberal seats. What is happening now is that urban Calgary is abandoning Stelmach.

At one time Albertans never dreamed that the old Social Credit could be defeated - then along came Peter Lougheed.

Stelmach is no Lougheed.

"Stelmach is no Lougheed."

Either is Taft.

Albertans should throw open the windows and let some fresh air in the place. After 36 years it is kinda stale in there.

Dylan has a great post on this topic at his site.

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