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Tuesday, July 31, 2007 

Bush Quote Of The Day

My friend, PoliShifter at Pissed On Politics has caught an amazing quote by President George W. Bush at his news conference with new British PM, Gordon Brown:

Quote of the Day

From Monday's press conference with Prime Minister Gordon Brown:

Jim Rutenberg: Mr. President, the Prime Minister has referred to terrorism as quote "a crime" and he's referred to in part as a law enforcement issue, so for you I'm wondering does that underscore any sort of philosophical difference when your 2004 campaign took issue with some what similar descriptions from John Kerry. And Mr Prime Minister, I've heard a lot about how you're approach to the United States will be the same as that of your predecessor but how will it differ?

President Bush: Um, Look, People who kill innocent men, women, and children to achieve political objectives are evil, thats what I think. I don't think there's any need to negotiate with them, I don't think there's any need to hope that they will change, the they are cold blooded killers and we better be cleared eyed when we'er dealing with them, and this Prime Minister right in the begining of his office got a taste of what it means to be in a world with these people that would come and attempt to kill innocent civilians of his country and he handled it well.

Look, we're dealing with a variety of a, methodologies to deal with them, one is intelligence, one is law enforcement and one is military. We got to use all assets at disposal to find them and bring them to justice before they hurt our people again.

"Um, Look, People who kill innocent men, women, and children to achieve political objectives are evil, thats what I think."
President Bush 7/30/07

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like Bush just called himself evil. He's killed more women, children, and men to achieve political objectives since taking office than the terrorists have killed in that same time, perhaps even all time.

Here's a Tip of the Hat to Pissed on Politics

Sadly, Bush wouldn't think that those he killed were innocent, or that he killed them for political reasons. He's on a mission from God, remember?

Ahhh right ... I forgot that Bush has said 'God speaks to me'. I wish God would tell George W. to resign!

Hi LeftDog, thanks for the link!

Hello to Canada!!

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