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Wednesday, July 18, 2007 

Calvert And Stelmach - Is Regime Change Coming In Saskatchewan And Alberta?

Knickers Down had a thought provoking post the other day entitled, 'Winds of Political Change Blowing On The Prairies'

With the Alberta Tories at 34% in the polls, and the Saskatchewan New Democrats at least 20 points behind the Saskatchewan Party, we may be looking at an amazing regime change in these two oil producing provinces.

Both governments are operating in the midst of economic prosperity, but the desire for change in both provinces is palpable.

Both administrations are 'long in the tooth' and are dominated by aging Baby Boomers and all of the stagnation that goes with the boomer's lack of creativity, energy and vision.

The Alberta Progressive Conservatives have been in power since 1971 and have come to believe that they have a Divine right to govern. The dominating faction of leadership in the Saskatchewan NDP Caucus were elected in 1986 and are still fighting Grant Devine.

I am no Liberal so I really don't feel all that excited about a Liberal government in Alberta. I AM a New Democrat and the prospect of a Saskatchewan Party government in my home province makes me feel ill. However, both of these prairie Premiers have done it to themselves.

Regime change is coming.

The Sask NDP still fighting Devine? Devine is unelectable under any banner on any level of politics. You know that.

Furthermore, the Sask PC's were appropriately wholloped over a decade ago because of Devine's corruption and while the Sask Party may have some of the same team members from the Devine era PCs, they are not the same party.

It would be like if after 13 years of Conservative rule, people still talked about not voting for the federal Liberals because of Ad Scam.

The Sask Party will do wonders for the economy of Saskatchewan and maybe even bring back all the ex-pat Saskatchewanites (like my family) living in Alberta.

Dylan - you may want to investigate the Saskatchewan Party just a bit more. They recently came under investigation for possession of stolen police reports.

They have a record of flip flopping a lot on many issues - not populist, simply opportunist.

There is a Progressive Conservative Party in Saskatchewan that has been trying to revive itself, but the Board members who control the PC's multi-million$$ trust fund - all hold Sask Party memberships as well and will not let the PC's have access to their own funds.

This is a very shady crew worthy of your further investigation before giving them your blessing.

just for the record, here is an expose on some of the more shady aspects of the Saskatchewan Party

you put a link to the NDP propaganda website, I have read that site and I could care less about it, nobody cares about Grant Devine anymore.

And you know what huffb - because people forget or don't care, it will happen again. Wall will blow the bloody treasury again keeping a false, taxpayer subsidized economy in rural areas.

There isn't a fiscal conservative fibre in the Saskatchewan Party. They will spend every bloody nickel, sell everything they can, borrow like Devine did, and leave the province bankrupt again.

The ONLY enterprise Wall ever ran, went bankrupt!

so your saying that Devine is the same as Ross Thacher

In Saskatchewan, over the decades, the 'NON-NDP' vote has gravitated from the Thatcher Liberals to the Devine Conservatives to the Wall Saskies.

It is the same group of people and families who gravitate to whomever mounts the biggest politcal challenge to the NDP. So to a point, you are correct. If it were Karwacki and the Libs mounting the biggest challenge to Calvert, then wall would have a party with few members and very few MLA's.

Since Wall mounts the largest challenge to the NDP - most people who might vote Liberal, vote Saskatchewan Party.

If I was the SP, I would be looking to lower expectations for governing. It seems many feel that the SP will some how turn Sask into Alberta and Regina into Calgary. With expectations that high, look for a one term government.

Then, maybe, we can come back home :)

Hi all,

I will soon be joining the exodus leaving Saskatchewan, and will not get to experience a Sask Party government!
For what it is worth, the biggest moves of my life have coincided with regime change in Saskatchewan; I was born in 1971, my family left the farm in 1982, I moved to BC in 1991, and now I am moving out of Saskatchewan again this year!

John - where are you moving AND is it for work or post graduate studies??

I see that the NDP kept control in Manitoba.

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