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Tuesday, July 03, 2007 

Conrad Black May Regret Giving Up Canadian Citizenship

"Black, who gave up his Canadian citizenship in 2001 during a messy legal battle with then-prime minister Jean Chretien in order to get a seat in Britain's House of Lords, is awaiting a verdict in Chicago on his fraud and racketeering trial. He has not been convicted of any crime but faces decades in jail. [...]

If Black is convicted, McNabb said he is more likely to be sent to what is termed a low-security prison, which is not as secure as a medium or high security one, but still has barb wire and is a controlled environment.

It's also a place where Black would mix with people from all walks of life, including white-collar criminals, drug dealers and murderers. Violent offenders often get transferred to low-security prisons from medium-or high-security ones after demonstrating good behaviour.

As a Canadian, Black could have requested a transfer to a Canadian jail if convicted in the United States - and possibly serve a lighter sentence like his former partner and star prosecution witness David Radler is expected to."


Lots more on His Lordship - Conrad Black!!!

Whooee! Ol' Conrad made his own bed an' if he gets convicted, he oughta sleep in it. The disdain he held fer Canada when his Lordship was bein' offered a lordship was a slap in that face to all Canajuns.

I just hope that poor, snivellin' BarbieDoll Amiel don't end up a pitiful bag lady. She ain't got much in the way o' marketable skills. I can see her with a sign hangin' 'round her neck -- "Will condescend for food".


I can think of a few I'd like to see join him...

I'd like to see him do his time in a regular prison in the US. And no Club Fed for him. Make him do his full term in a prison nowhere near Canada. Arizona is particularly hot and dry.

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