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Saturday, July 21, 2007 

Editorial Condemns Dangerous Aspect Of Opposition Saskatchewan Party

The Regina Leader Post Editorial provides a cautionary note to ANYONE who is considering voting for Brad Wall and his Saskatchewan Party in the next provincial election.

The editorial points out to the extreme right wing Saskies that a government simply CANNOT INTERFERE in the processes of Crown Prosecutors, Courts and the Judiciary as a whole. Wall seems to think that the Cabinet can tell Crown Prosecutors what they will do.

Even though many people in Saskatchewan want a change of government, there is an ongoing lack of comprehension for what governing means that is keeping voters nervous about a Saskatchewan Party government.

Regina Leader Post Editorial

Wall reminds me of Stockwell Day who wrote that excoriating letter to the Red Deer newspaper and used the Treasurer's letterhead. He was--to be fair--treasurer at the time. The letter was a personal letter and had nothing to do with the treasury of the province. Day used the letterhead to impress the editor of the newspaper.

It was the infamous letter that ended up costing Albertans more than $600,000. The upshot of this was that Day moved to BC so as to not be humiliated any further in Red Deer. After all, he was leader of the Canadian Alliance at the time of this hitting the newspapers and the national newscasts.

Wall sounds like Day in that his mouth seems to move faster than his mind. One thing for sure, he'd better get comfortable at his seat in the legislature because he won't be moving to the other side of the house in his political lifetime.

These guys on the Right just don't get it. They simply guess at what they can and cannot do.

Hillbillies. My fellow citizens keep electing marginally literate hillbillies.

It's worse than that. I think most of these goons actually believe that the system is wrong and must be changed in their image.

Take a look at the "tough on crime" legislation in Ottawa this past year - 2/3 of the bills violate fundamental principles of justice, the remaining third are simply flaccid.

Grog - you are nailing what their mindset is all about!

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