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Sunday, July 29, 2007 

Majority Of Canadians Have NO Sympathy for Conrad Black

Calgary Right wing publisher, Ezra Levant is going to hate this. Too bad!

A majority of Canadians have little or NO sympathy for Conrad Lord Black after his conviction in U.S. Federal Court!

A poll conducted by Decima Research, for The Canadian Press, finds that 70 per cent of Canadians feel the American jury was correct in their verdict. The poll also shows:
-69 per cent would like Black to see jail time
-60 per cent said Black's Canadian citizenship should not be reinstated
-61 per cent believe his Order of Canada should be revoked.


I am not surprised. Most Canadians have more sense than the media "pundits".

For Once I am Part Of The Majority!!
Woo Hoo!!

Black and his defenders will say that Canadians have a build in need to drag down anyone who achieves high levels of material and financial success - hence the general national sentiment towards Black. That is UTTER nonsense. What Canadians despise is the arrogant, condescending, 'let them eat cake' attitude that Black and Barbara Amiel project. That is what Canadians reject from Lord Black - not the fact that he is wealthy!

"What Canadians despise is the arrogant, condescending, 'let them eat cake' attitude that Black and Barbara Amiel project."

Well said.

I think defenders of Black and the like believe that anyone with a big pile of money ("the rich") can't possibly be found guilty of crime(s): disgusting.

BTW, the criminal didn't like Canada, so why should Canada like him?

Did you knpw that Black helped Haper get in as Prime Miniser,...hell, he contolled most of the media that helped Harper. I feel even less sorry for Black, after I heard that.

Lizt that doesn't surprise me. A few years back Black bought all four daily newpapers in Saskatchewan to coordinate editorial policy against the Roy Romanow government - he did this by ensuring that there was a steady, daily editorial attack on that administration. He had 3 full time Legislative reporters who had to produce stuff every day even though there are a number of months per year when the House was not in session. He did the exact same type of daily attack on the Rae government as well.

You are right - Black has had his fingers in Canadian politics for too long, trying to slant the game to the right wingers.

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