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Wednesday, July 25, 2007 

Senior Tory Staff Asked To Donate $1000 To Party

CTV reports: "Senior political staff in the Harper government say they are "not impressed" with a request from the Prime Minister's Office to donate $1,000 to the Conservative party ..."


Stockwell Day did a similar thing He used his son, Logan, to strong-arm Reform MPs to give money to offset the cost of hiring Ezra Levant as his communications director.

If the Conservatives have been rolling in money, why then the donations? Isn't it more a test of loyalty and a possible career ending move for those who won't donate?

You obviously never worked for a large corporation in the American bible belt. When I worked for worldcom, "now bankrupt for fraud", promotions were determined by contributions to charities of the companies choice. Of course I told my middle manager to forget I was not donating. This effected her promotion chances. I kept my job because our major customer realized I was honest and would cancel the contract if I was let go.

Nothing caused so much corruption as this donation promotion scam.

I am a bit surprised that there was some actual request for a certain amount.
When I was active in the NDP in Manitoba and was appointed to certain positions that paid I contributed a bit more to the party than usual but then I had also contributed countless hours to the party without pay or even expenses. Political positions are to an extent payback for countless hours of unpaid labor in some cases. The party can expect some increased contribution but it is asking for trouble to say how much. A thousand dollars seems quite a bit too! Inflation I guess.


Here is the thing - new elections Canada rules allow only $1100 donation per individual. By specifically asking for $1000 the Tory National Office is trying to stay just so on the other side of
too large a donation but wanting to maximize the amount they receive. Hence $1000 is a nice safe number for them.

Intriguingly, the other part of it is to enable them to strictly control attendance at the annual convention.

RevCan and Elections Canada both view the convention fees as political donations. By doing it this way, the Con$ will "gift in" the desired attendees, meanwhile less desirable attendees won't be able to because they have already hit the contribution limit for the year.

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