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Sunday, July 22, 2007 

Somehow it just seems that this is NOT a good time for well intentioned Christian missionaries to be travelling in Afghanistan trying to bring the Taliban to Jesus.

This type of activity in a war zone is neither wise, nor well advised.

Under the cover of providing humanitarian aid, there is very little likelihood that Muslims are anxious to receive active proselytizing. Surely to gawd, there are converts to be found in areas that are not considered to be delicate war zones.

Statistically VERY few Muslims EVER convert to Christianity because they will simply not embrace the 'three Gods in one Person' concept. Muslims consider that Jesus was an extremely important Prophet, born to a Virgin, but they do not acknowledge divinity or godhood to him. That concept is considered seriously in error to a Muslim. To a Muslim, there is ONE God - 'Al Lah' = 'The God'.

Governments involved in the Afghan mission should dissuade missionaries from going to Afghanistan. It is not helping to improve the situation and it puts their lives in serious danger.

-Voice of America

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Two points: One, Muslims get it wrong when they say Christians worship three Gods in one person. Christians believe that there are three persons in one God. I do not nor ever will question the sincerity of those who practice Islam but they need to get their facts straight.

Second, the trip of the missionaries may have been ill-advised, but some sincerely belief that their Saviour will only return when the Gospel is preached to all the world ...

... in this case, they also had to understand the consequences of forcing the Allies to divert part of their mission hunting al-Qaeda to rescuing the group. Yet another chance for Public Enemy #1 to move to another hiding place.

"Somehow it just seems that this is NOT a good time for well intentioned Christian missionaries to be travelling in Afghanistan trying to bring the Taliban to Jesus"

Times Online :

"The Taleban forbid Christians from entering Afghanistan to convert Muslims, under threat of death. Yesterday Sayed Murard Shrifi, a religious cleric who is head of the public court in Baghlan, said: “In terms of punishment the one who comes to a Muslim country to convert people to their religion must face the strongest punishment. The first choice is death and the second life in prison."

Under sharia law apostacy is a death sentece offence, it is foolish to even try to convert. Also if we wish to make Afganistan peaceful respecting their religions is a much better tool than telling them they are wrong and trying to convert them.

I think it's time we gave the Afghanis control of their borders and airports entrances so they can keep these people out if they don't want them.

If these Koreans are so willing to convert the Afghans and get them killed for Apostacy they should be ready to die as Martyrs too. No Soldiers lives should we endangered on rescue attempts.

The Taliban probably remember the Crusades. They were not bright and shining episodes in our history and biases last many generations particularly in endogamous and xenophobic tribal societies as Muslims were for many centuries.

It took a Protestant Reformation to start to end the predatory abuses of the clergy on the generally uneducated populace.

The Taliban are quite within their rights to resist evangelisation. Those evangelists who go into such places are usually the types who give Christianity a bad name. Seems we need another purging of fundamentalists and a starting over of the nature of the Church in society.

Few Muslims convert to Christianity because if they do, they'll be killed.

The likelihood of a person converting to another religion depends on their commitment to their former religion (all things being equal). People who are very devoted to their religion normally don't change. It happens, but not very often. If they're not very committed, they're more likely to consider the claims of the outside religion.

And the Trinity consists of three persons in one God.

"Somehow it just seems that this is NOT a good time for well intentioned Christian missionaries to be travelling in Afghanistan trying to bring the Taliban to Jesus."

Oh, I could think of a few I'd like to see try...

"And the Trinity consists of three persons in one God."

Yes a hair-spitting distinction that most people, including Christians can get confused on. Like that whole 'jihad' thing meaning 'struggle' rather than 'holy war'...but I digress.

3 Gods in one person or three persons in 1 god still sounds like polytheism to most...

As I recall the Christians were helping out at hospitals. I imagine their missionary mission was probably not up front and center or they would not likely even have been allowed into the country.
Other Korean Christian helping out in a hospital at Kabul have already been flown back to Korea.


What most articles about Afghanistan are conveniently overlooking is that the country is in the midst of a massive power struggle to fill the void left when the Taliban government fell.

Right now, anyone who is identifiably foreign is a target; and if they (the various factions struggling for power) think you are non-muslim, it's all the easier to justify as targeting the "occupiers".

Just a thought - if the Soviet Union couldn't bring Afghanistan to heel in a decade, what makes us think that this round of foreign occupation is any different?

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