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Saturday, July 28, 2007 

When Those Who Report The 'News' Become The 'News' - Dueling Helicopters

The cut throat nature of live TV news competition can have UGLY results.

-CBC has more ....

Three helicopters for a single car chase?

Yup - two to crash into each other and a third to cover the disaster!

I shouldn't be so sarcastic, but you are right - three helicopters to follow 1 car chase! It was inevitable that this would happen some day.

Dunno... the COPS were to blame, IMHO.

Why do American cops ENDANGER everyone in their paths to capture 'criminals'?

Sheer testosterone & hysteria.

You don't see the RCMP putting creating this sort of hysterical response to whatever crime set them off.

They aren't protecting SOCIETY, they're playing hide & seek with turbocharged missiles.

If someone had to die, should have happened as a plethora of helicopters chased Paris Hilton back to court... THAT would have been á propos...

as it is, I have to feel for the families & witnesses.

BUT THE CULTURE OF HYSTERIA over nonsensical 'media events' & 'cop chase!' events is the true error that nobody will report.

Why? because in the STATES, sheriffs are ELECTED & cops are reimbursed for WEAPONS, ARMOUR & VEHICLES.

"'Flagged down': Activists allege cop abuse over inverted flag Human Rights protest"
"Days of Miracle & Wonder": 9/11 "Loose Change" documentarian detained & charged (update: was released, AWOL charges UNFOUNDED)
"National Yawn": Cspan CUTS OFF concerned "Executive Order" caller...

AP releases new evidence of Pat Tillman's *Murder* in Afghanistan: "Sex, Lies & Cover-ups"

its pretty BAD when... : "Statement on non-violence"

... to our peril do we ignore this bullshit.

Spread Love...
... but wear the Glove!

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"Silent Freedom is Freedom Silenced"

It's a desperate measure for ratings that one has to put a helicopter into service to cover a car/truck chase.

It's the same thing in Toronto. The local stations with helicopters should save the money and invest it in better reporting and training the field people to be real reporters.
I could say something similar about CFRB but I'll save if for another time.

And ... the cops were chasing this truck for a TRAFFIC VIOLATION - 4 people dead .. unbelievable!

I just wonder when the time will come when either the police or the chased one (or both!) will get kickbacks from the MSM for providing these wonderful car chases.

Car chases are a lot more fun than bringing the REAL news!

Four people dead for a wonderful car chase is not THAT bad; I'm sure the "shock and awe" was a lot more costly. Entertaining though.

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