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Saturday, August 11, 2007 

Mine Safety In Canada VERSUS Mine Safety In The USA

Saskatchewan labour regulations require the construction and use of ‘safe rooms’ underground where miners can find shelter in the event of fire, flood or collapse. These regulations saved the lives of over 70 Saskatchewan miners in 2006. Saskatchewan leads the nation in occupational health and safety regulations and the results of that are indisputable.

However; American miners work in an environment where the unfettered free market has tolerated conditions where worker safety is not in any way a priority.

“Well, yesterday we have 72 miners in Canada saved after a mine fire because Canadian laws require rescue chambers, where miners have 36 hours of breathable air. They have water, they have lights and they have supplies. And every one of those miners came out of a deep mine where there was a fire and every one came out alive." [...] "We kept hearing about how we couldn't do that.” [...] 'How can they do it in Canada and we can't do it here?'"
Senator Ted Kennedy
U.S. Senate

As long as measures that ensure the safety of underground miners is considered a drain on profit margins, American miners will continue to die on the job so that the mine owners can make more money.

At some point, the American people, armed with the knowledge that these deaths are totally unnecessary, should speak out and demand that their lawmakers protect the lives of working men and women.

More directly, when miners themselves organize into a union, they have further protections by acting in unison against unsafe work requests from owners and management.

Responsibility for the lives of those who work underground will be safer when governments implement adequate safety regulations that the mines must operate under and when workers themselves organize to protect their very lives.

No miner has to die! - The Militant


Look back to American mining before Reagan came to power. Notice the difference?

With Reagan and so-called free-market entrepreneurialism, the wheels came off the wagon. Planes dropped out of the sky. Cars were recalled in record numbers. School academic achievements lowered. Violence rose. Product recalls also rose and more serious recalls became the norm. Remember poisoned Tylenol? . . twice?

Don't get me started. I might get into a rant about Harris/Eves and the fate of Ontario and the things Toronto is experiencing. But I'd get wally eyed and get the vapours.
That would ruin the weekend.

David I would like to discuss further with you - but - let's leave it till Monday because I want you to have a good weekend!! :)

Since the Reagan revolution, mine safety in the US has been on a par with flood safety in New Orleans and bridge safety in Minneapolis.

Saskatchewan undeniably has a very good mining record. Aside from the crushing death earlier this year, there haven't been many serious accidents that lead to anything like the Utah disaster.

When I first head about the the mining method used in the Utah disaster, I was appalled. How can the companies actually get away with that?

It is sad when profits are put before people. Like you said, a lot of mining deaths in the USA are unnecessary.

Hey Tyler!! Long time no see - how is your summer going???

Well said leftdog. But I know one America mining company where I worked before really concerned about the miners safety. Before I left they installed many rescue chambers in undergorund to protect the miners from fire accident or poisonous gasses. I was trained to use it before.

And I believe the picture you uploaded above is the mining company where I worked before. This mining company is placed in East Asia, a big mining company. Nice picture, where did you get it?

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