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Thursday, September 13, 2007 

Canada's Slide To Cyber Authoritarianism

The Federal Government of Canada wants to look over your shoulder as you type on your computer keyboard. Public Safety Canada is proposing legislation that forces telecommunications providers to provide personal information about their clients to authorities with no questions asked.

The government document states, "Modern telecommunications and computer networks such as the Internet are a great source of economic and social benefits, but they can also be used in the planning, coordination, financing and perpetration of crimes and threats to public safety and the national security of Canada. By extension, the rapidly evolving nature of these technologies can pose a significant challenge to law enforcement and national security officials who are entrusted with combating these threats, and who employ lawful access to communications and information to do so."
Federal Information Consultation Document

Privacy experts aren't so sure we need to give new massive powers to the Harper government, "We know from history that the more powers you give law enforcement agencies and the government, the most potential there is for abuse," said Philippa Lawson, of the Canadian Internet Public Policy Interest Centre.

While I have no problems with giving Canadian courts more discretion in ordering the information to be turned over on application in matters concerning child pornography or fraudulent behaviour, I am not prepared for those who differ with Harper politically to have to watch what they say online.


Somebody, please stop Stockwell Day from further damaging the nation's fabric. He's slavishly following the Americans. Look what's happened to them!

Day continues to embarrass the nation and no matter where Harper puts him, he gets into terrible jams.
Day, Kenney and Levant and the three most dangerous Conservatives--next to Harper.

ABSOLUTELY! I couldn't agree with you more! The far Right has a propensity for all things 'authoritarian'. I don't know where the roots of that lie. They abhor criticism and their self righteousness seems to tell them that they can do no wrong.

I rather believe that this whole movement started in 1979 while Americans were held hostage in Iran. There were reality programs on the major US networks that were meant to uplift a demoralized nation.
Then came the Christian Conservatives and Jerry Falwell and his ilk. They seemed more attractiive than the Carter Democrats.
Authoritarianism was in the ascendant in the 1980 election because of the frustration with the hostage situation.
Add in the Equal Rights Amendment and controversial films like Cruising with Al Pacino and contraception and abortion and you've got a devil's cocktail for all the evangelists.

One Sunday,I watched many evangelicals on TV and I noticed the same thing. They went on about being against Arabs, against Jews and women's rights and on and on. I don't think I heard any one of them use words like grace mercy salvation redemption healing or restoration. BUT THEY SURE LOVED REAGAN AND HIS ELECTION PLATFORM.

Can you now understand my animus to Day and the likes of the self-righteous like Coren and Harper?

"Can you now understand my animus to Day and the likes of the self-righteous like Coren and Harper?"

Yes! But here is the clicker - how do we contain them and repair the damage that they have done?

I’ve been asking questions about illegal domestic/electronic spying (and data sharing with U.S. security agencies) since early July. I’m glad that the truth is beginning to come out and that more fellow Canadian bloggers are jumping on this.

We must draw the line here and now and prevent this travesty in the making …

Anything I can do to help - I am willing. Let's get some serious networking happening to both educate and act! I am open to suggestions.

This latest bit of trying to control everything, even free speech on the Net ('caust that's what will happen) is appalling. I agree. We really need to get vocal on this issue.


from CBC today. This is not a change of plans, just a change of rhetoric. Notice how "police" won't have access without warrants. What about Safety Canada and other agencies?

You guys need to stop stealing plans out of the Bush playbook.

Our Prime Minister Harper is so out to lunch, he admires George W! Our Conservative government are HUGE Bush fans!

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