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Wednesday, September 05, 2007 

Facebook Making Member List Available To Search Engines

"The news that Facebook will be making its member list available to Internet search engines is sure to send a shudder of fear through its users. In the coming weeks, anyone, even those without a Facebook account, will not only be able to search for friends via the Facebook homepage but also through popular search engines, such as Yahoo! and Google. While Facebook insists that these public listings will include only names and profile pictures, some members fear it's the beginning of a slippery slope."


Progressive Bloggers

I am glad that I don't have a Facebook account.

I don't want people to find out who I am.

I think that is wise huff - the fact that they plan on putting the member's photo is NOT wise! It'll be great for stalkers, etc. The name doesn't bother me as much - my name is in the phone book so ... but the idea of having access to photos of an individual goes a bit far.

Slightly off-topic. I once had a Google account. It caused problems and I asked to close my account. Google told me they have the right to keep all my information for THREE years before erasing it.

When I registered, I gave the minimal information and I still do to this day when I am asked for any information from an e-source.

There are lots of websites asking for information that I will not supply. That's their loss, not mine.

Another thing that gets me is that a lot of websites offer no information about them, e.g.home address and corporate ownership.
If XYZ.com wants my business or interest, I'll want to know who they really are and where they are located complete with telephone number and street or postal address.

It's amazing how little information they need to supply yet they ask for lots from us.
If they aren't that forthcoming would you give them information?
Would you give the keys to your home to a shadowy entity? I think not.


LOL, I'll have to consider getting a Facebook account so I can post a picture of my bum.

Not your mama ... my advice to you is ... go for it!!! ;)

Blockable in user settings. No big deal.

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