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Monday, September 10, 2007 

General Petraeus Will Release Phony Report On Iraq Today

American General David Petraeus will release his report on 'progress' in Iraq later today. The report is expected to reveal that the surge of US troops in Iraq has been an 'effective' strategy.

Should we be surprised? Not really! General Petraeus will publicly praise Bush's strategy in Iraq because he was one of the key architects of the "surge" strategy to send thousands of additional troops to Iraq!

Q: Is the report phony? A: You bet!
Q: Will the American public fall for it? A: You bet! (they elected Bush TWICE didn't they??)

-CTV News
-L.A. Times


His report is almost beside the point. In even the most optimistic scenario the only thing he can tell us is whether or not military objectives are being met.

That isn't a terrible thing and quite likely is saving some lives in some areas but it has little to do with the bigger problem.

Frankly it should not surprise me that our population is so idiotic when our media feeds us a constant stream of nonsense like this. They've elevated the Petraeus report to the point of making it seem key to the entire Iraq question for no better reason than to keep the partisan political wars going and get more ratings.

His report is just that, a report concerning the military's success in acheiving it's assigned objectives. They were assigned to secure targeted areas and they've done that to a greater or lesser degree in most assigned areas to the best of their current ability.

What his report will not address is that the military cannot resolve this situation nor can they sustain current troop levels so think of it as a job performance rating for the troop, it has very little to do with the key issues. It also helps Bush set Petraeus up to be the fall guy for failure.

NYM I appreciate your comments on this. Thank gawd for the progressive american political thinkers who counter the nonsense from your media. It's too bad that we are not getting a report that itemizes ALL of the errors that Bush, the Republicans, Big Business and the military brass have made in Iraq.

Now that would be something for the American public to see.


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