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Tuesday, September 18, 2007 

Saskatchewan Party Had Stolen Police Records In Their Possession

In May of 2007, the Regina City Police launched an investigation to determine how confidential police investigation reports ended up in the hands of the Official Opposition, Saskatchewan Party.

To date, neither the Regina City Police NOR the media have provided an update.

We are still waiting!

-Saskatchewan Party Had Stolen Police Records In Their Possession

-Regina City Police Investigate Leak Of Confidential Police Reports

Hey Leftdog,

How are doing these days?

this comment is in regards to the PC party having an active campaign.

Your good friend Clay Serby says- Quote
" There are many, many people today who hold memberships in the Saskatchewan Party who would switch their support in a heartbeat "

Give me a break. what SaskParty Member is stupid enough to vote for the PC party. They can see that Grant schmidt is a nut case. What a bunch of crap Clay is saying.

Don't be so sure Huffb1 - the Sask Party has a reputation of being totally controlled from the top (Brad Wall and Reg Downs), it is NOT a 'grass roots' party at all. At the last Saskatchewan Party Convention NO policy was discussed, debated or passed.

Brad makes up 'policy' on the fly as was demonstrated with Dan D'Autremont and the Crown issue last week.

The old PC party was a grass roots movement that discussed and passed policy at conventions.

There are a lot of old PC supporters who did vote Sask Party in 1999 and 2003 but will vote PC if they get the chance. The Saskatchewan Party is not inclusive and has one policy - to be elected government.

You might be surprised at how many votes the PC's could take.

I have met Rick Swenson and he is an honest man. I do NOT trust Brad Wall - he is way too slippery.

Sorry - that is how it is!

You have given me alot to think about Leftdog. I have never met Rick Swenson so I don't know much about him.

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