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Wednesday, October 10, 2007 

Bob Rae Was Never An NDPer!

As a resident of Saskatchewan, I have stayed out of the Ontario Election on this blog. However, with Bob Rae flapping his lips on the subject, I have to say something. How dare Bob Rae, who totally screwed up his term as Premier of Ontario DARE to lecture Howard Hampton and the Ontario NDP.

Hampton said it best yesterday when asked by a reporter ... "Bob Rae is a Liberal. What do you expect?" Rae badly hurt the NDP brand in Ontario then ran off to become a Liberal. Well he is a Liberal, was a Liberal and should stay a bloody Liberal!

Bob Rae has no business saying anything to the New Democratic Party - all we ever hoped for Rae was that the door would not hit him in the ass on the way out!!!

-Ottawa Citizen

"It blows your mind when you have Hargrove coming out and supporting the Liberals," Mr. Ryan.

Sid Ryan's not wrong about this. Hargrove's union, the CAW, has been warning everyone of the devastating economic effects of a free-trade deal with South Korea.

Who launched that trade initiative? The same Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin on whom Hargrove placed a union jacket with hugs and praise.

What political leader was roundly booed by workers on parliament hill earlier this year for flip-flopping on anti-scab legislation on orders from corporate Canada?

That would be current Liberal leader Stephane Dion, Hargrove's current hero of the labour movement.

Hargrove's political judgment is simply bizarre.

Well, the thing is, though, is that Bob Rae was a New Democrat for a long time, and pretending that he was something else is really a revision of history.

But he decided to join the Liberals now, so supporting the Ontario Liberal in that election is kind of a no-brainer that didn't even need to be reported (next: "Rae inhales oxygen, exhales carbon dioxide").

I think people will this this type of thing for what it is: a partisan hack hacking for his party.

I think that Northern BC Dipper has failed to grasp the nuance of your statement, Buckdog.

Just for the record, I actually agree with you.

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