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Sunday, October 07, 2007 

The End Of The Western Standard Is a GOOD Thing

The more I think about it, the more I am convinced that the downfall of the 'Right' in Canada will be their inability to comprehend that the public does not embrace their dogma as much as they would like. A good example of this was the inability of The Western Standard to make a go of it in the publishing world. To understand what I mean, listen to editor Ezra Levant's beliefs on climate change:

" ... the global warming debate is a scam to begin with. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the UN's official group of climate change scientists, states that even if every country in the world followed the Kyoto Protocol to a 'T' for 100 years, the world would not cool off at all. So while global warming hypocrisy is fun to point out, it really doesn't matter, since mankind's impact on climate is negligible."
Ezra Levant
July 30, 2007

In spite of all of the scientific evidence, Ezra and the Right have decided that they must fight reality because it may hurt 'business'. What nonsense! Ezra states that 6 Billion human individuals on the planet, pumping literally tons of CO2, carbon and other polluting substances daily into the atmosphere is negligible.

Opinion polls show that a majority of Canadians do not share that sentiment. Even Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party have had to adjust their rhetoric - but essentially they still believe the same nonsense that Ezra was spouting. This is why the Conservatives have only a minority government and likely the prospects are for another minority should we go to the polls any time soon.

The passing of the Western Standard is a symbolic victory for those of us who are trying to counter the angry, nasty idiocy that the Right is all about at this point in our history. The Right in Canada feels aggrieved and they are angry. They are also stupid. Just go read smalldeadanimals if you need confirmation of the retarded idiocy that the Right currently subscribes to.

Here's the good news. The majority of Canadians quietly go about their day to day business and are not embracing hard right wing dogma.

That is a good thing. The demise of the Western Standard is a bit of good news. It demonstrates that there are big cracks in the Canadian Right.

Ya know buckdog, I never really read what most of those right wing blogs say. I'm thinking that maybe I may begin by setting my sights on smalldeadanimals. Who knows, maybe they'll convert me...

I sure hope not .....

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