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Saturday, October 06, 2007 

Michael Coren's Chronic Negativity May Need Professional Attention

I have come to accept that there is a fair bit of negativity involved in right wing thinking processes. Michael Coren's 'Thanksgiving Day column 'Thanks For Nothin' indicates to me that he may have gone beyond the limits of even normal right wing negativity.

After reading his October 6th piece, I sent him the following comment:
"Such unrelenting negativity is a sign of serious emotional or mental illness. I think you need professional help. These words sound like something Kimveer Gill would have written in his online diary before he went nuclear! Please sir, get some help!"

And he wonders why he's in the bush leagues of radio, television, and print.

Ever since his article which advocated the 'nuking of Iran', I have followed this guy. He is completely over the top - basically nuts.

Coren is essentially Canada's Ann Coulter ... only Coulter looks better in a skirt.

I left a comment too - having a bad day or just life generally.

Anyway, I found it interesting when he wrote "On the other are ethnic, religious and sexual special interest groups promoting their own agendas and anxious to stifle anyone who protests."
This is because he, on the one hand, really, really supports faith-based funding of private religious schools which is all about promoting their own agendas and stifled and demeaned (on his show) 2 panelist who were opposed, but than bashes them in his column.
Oh right, I forgot. He really really supports funding private religious schools for jewish, catholic and fundelmental christians, but not for those ethnic/religious "others" (wink, wink) islamic and other ethnic religious "special interest" groups.
He is a fascist.

Coren's incoherent rant (seriously, was this column the result of a Vulcan mind meld with Ted Byfield?) put me in mind of a sing-along that took place at a recent theocon pow wow south o' the border...

- matttbastard

I have to say that I usually don't agree with much that coren has to say, but I've been listening to, and reading his columns and to say that he didn't support the idea of funding muslim schools is not true. In fact, as far as I know, I don't know of another mainstream personality that brought up the idea that some people were afraid of funding muslim schools so often. And it still boggles my mind that this became the main issue of the election.

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