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Monday, November 19, 2007 

The Illogical 'Logic;' of Stockwell Day

KELOWNA, B.C.–Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day says he wishes Canadians were as outraged over impaired driving deaths as they are over the death of a Polish immigrant shot with a Taser by police.
Toronto Star
Nov 19, 2007 04:30 AM

Huh? We have a unique opportunity to look into the mind of Federal Cabinet Minister Stockwell Day. Faced with massive national and international outrage over the RCMP killing of Robert Dziekanski at the Vancouver Airport, Day counters with his very own brand of right wing logic.

Why are people so upset that 4 RCMP officers killed an unarmed man asks Day - why aren't we just as upset that drunk drivers cause death? HUH?! Talk about comparing apples to snow mobiles!

The idiocy of Day's statement is mind boggling but it shows an insight into right wing logic. In 'Stockwell Day's World' the RCMP killed somebody but so do drunk drivers so why aren't we raging at drunk drivers? The common element to Day is that if you are going to be angry when someone is killed, then be consistent and treat both types of killers the same (RCMP who kill and drunk drives who kill)!

Here is the part that Stockwell Day doesn't get ... we give the police INCREDIBLE powers and tools to keep the peace. Guns, handcuffs, batons, spray, and tazers. They have the power to detain and question people. The trade off is ..... they can't KILL people who are being detained.

Stockwell Day is an idiot.
But what do you expect from a senior Federal lawmaker who believs that planet Earth is only 8000 years old, that humans walked with dinosarus and Noah's Ark should be taught in the history classes of Canadian schools. Moron!

Toronto Star

Lunatics and morons like Day in government indicate that the society you live is decadent and probably does not have long to last in its present form - think of the idiot Tsar and Tsarina in Russia as but one example. While we may not have agreed with, or liked most, of our leaders in the past, and many of them were unsavory in many ways, at least they were capable and intelligent, which is more than can be said of the current crop.

Our public safety minister is a goddamn concern troll.

- 5.

Srsly, I think the entire Tory cabinet deserves to be troll rated.


- matttbastard

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Thanks Matt, that was funny! I agree with you though.

By the way, it was quite a shock to hear that Stockwell Day equated drunk drivers to RCMP officers killing Polish immigrants.

Given the racist background of conservative parties and RCMP I thought he would have a lot more problems with drunk drivers.

Hey Stockwell. Okay listen-up buddy.

THERE IS NO GOD. Not yours and not any of the others.

And in case you haven't noticed, tasers are significantly more dangerous than the company claims. Have you noticed the body count? Do you really believe the crap being fed to you by Taser spokes-puppets? Please use common sense and adopt ALL of the Kennedy Report recommendations. ALL of them.

And finally, using a taser as a pain-compliance device is ALMOST ALWAYS a violation of the Criminal Code of Canada (C-34, section 26). And using it an extra-judicial punishment device is ALWAYS a violation of that same section. These two usages are far more common than using it as a replacement for a pistol shot to the head. Where the hell have you been on this issue?

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