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Wednesday, November 21, 2007 

RCMP Death Squad Could Face Criminal Charges

"Four RCMP officers could face criminal charges in the death of a Polish immigrant who died in Vancouver International Airport after being shot with a Taser last month, Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day says. Mr. Day cited the lead investigator in the case yesterday, explaining an RCMP investigation "will include the possibility of criminal charges."
Ottawa Citizen

To the RCMP, the death of Robert Dziekanski was just an unfortunate incident - just another case where someone happened to die while in custody. Unfortunate as the death was, essentially it was simply RCMP ‘business as usual’ - 'Mr. D should have complied'!

To the public who saw the event on video, it was a shocking wake-up call of what happens when a modern police force uses whatever measures they feel are necessary to obtain immediate compliance from an individual even if the police tactics used terminates the life of that individual in mere seconds.

"The latest taser incident to be captured on film again highlights how fast our society is sleepwalking into a brutal police state where it is the norm for cops to react with extreme physical force and even torture towards anyone who acts out of the ordinary in any way whatsoever."
Steve Watson
Thursday, Nov 15, 2007

Need more convincing .... ??

-Police taser 68 year old Kelowna man for double parking

-Use of taser on children OK, police say

-Police use taser on handcuffed 9 year old girl

-Police use taser to subdue 6 year old boy

-University student tasered for non-compliance by UCLA police

I agree with your comment 100%. I am horrified, outraged and angry that the Federal Government is not charging the 4 RCMP who committed this heinous crime of taking an innocent man's life so swiftly and brutally without just cause! They are no different than the terrorists! But of course, the RCMP are the Federal law enforcement which obviously condones corruption, terror and the sadistic activities of the RCMP with no consequences for their actions. The Federal Government should be keeping our Armed Forces at home to fight our home grown terrorists, the RCMP, instead of sending them to Iraq and Afghanistan!

I am ashamed to be a Canadian and have no respect for the RCMP nor do I trust the Federal Government.

The Canadians must wake up and take a stand against what is going on with the RCMP here, as they are quickly becoming the Canadian GESTAPO.

The RCMP have taken another innocent life and destroyed the life of Robert Dziekanski's mother, Zofia, forever. How can these heinous crimes be allowed to continue??

Thanks for your comments!

I realized today that the new Taser launched from a shotgun proves our point that the taser is not a weapon of second to last resort. It's thought of as a phaser set to stun, and completely harmless like handcuffs, or leg irons.
Is it more deadly than pepper spray is?

In any case, there needs to be severe punishments for police who use it as a replacement for diplomacy.


Ol' Stock must be really getting scared when a law and order government is willing to sacrifice their own. Of course this sort of thing happened in Vietnam as I remember ie.My Lai massacre. Also this proves to me that the best way to get some control over politicians is through very public opposition to their policies. The blogosphere is helping this and a hell of lot more than "critical" support for the Liberals or the NDP or whatever ....

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