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Monday, November 19, 2007 

Vast Majority Of Those Tasered By RCMP Were Unarmed (just didn't move quick enough to suit the mountie)

OTTAWA - Three out of four suspects stun-gunned by the RCMP were unarmed, indicates a review of 563 cases that shows Tasers are often used for compliance rather than to defuse major threats. A Canadian Press analysis of Taser incidents reported by the Mounties reveals that more than 79 per cent of those zapped were not brandishing a weapon. [...]

The figures, compiled from hundreds of partially censored pages filed by RCMP officers, highlight police preference for the 50,000-volt tool that helps them control dangerous situations with usually minimal injury.

But they also suggest a pattern of use by the Mounties as a quick means to keep relatively low-risk prisoners, drunks and unruly suspects in line.

Canadian Press

otherwise they probably would have been shot

Right wing nonsense. A 'talking point' - if the option that day was to shoot him .... the RCMP would have hesitated and the man would be alive today. No ... like a pack of 11 year old boys with a cool NEW toy, the RCMP are prone to hit people with a taser far far more than they should and FAR more than the public is prepared to accept.

Nice try ... but your lame right wing 'talking point' only works for 11 year olds!

Oh and by the way .... the police are doing quite a nice job of killing people in any event:

"Since 1992, 267 people have died while in the custody of or while being pursued by the police in British Columbia, an average of almost 18 each year. From Victoria to Fort St. John, Yahk to Alert Bay, more than 70 cities and towns in the province have experienced a police-involved civilian death in the last 15 years."
-Vancouver Sun

Forgive the off topic contribution here. Here goes.

The manufacturer of Tasers is in the United States and a member of its board was Bernard Kerik. Kerik was chief of police for New York on Sept. 11 2001. Kerik and Giuliani-- a Republican candidate--are good friends. Kerik was being considered several years ago to be the successor at Homeland Security
until his criminal connections and financial and income tax problems came to light. We'll not mention here the immigration problems with the household staff, oh no.

The White House quickly dropped him from further consideration.
Now Giuliani is running for president of the US and Kerik is working for him.

If the Taser manufactuer can be so slipshod about Kerik and allow him on their board, what about the Taser and other products of the company? Are they equally as slipshod? Is the company equally as slimy as perceptions suggest?
What about their end-user instruction manuals?

Tasers seem to have become the must-have convenience. Now it's a crutch. Just like cell phones and backpacks and MP3s. What ever happened to spadework and due diligence?

It certainly does seem that the RCMP are using tasers as a mode of control rather than as an alternative to shooting a person.
In the case of the Polish immigrant it just seemed totally unnecessary and almost immediate.
The bystanders and the security guards showed more sense than the RCMP. The RCMP didn't wait to learn anything about the situation
and turned a deaf ear to what bystanders were saying.
They are not only arrogant but also incompetent.

Ken, there are a number of inquiries going on ... I think it is up to the public to NOT let this get swept under the carpet. If we do .... then shame on us ... it will just happen again.

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