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Sunday, December 02, 2007 

Buckdog's Open House!

Sort of an 'Open Thread / Open House' today - You are welcome to drop in - take a look around and leave a message.

Buckdog has made lots of friends over the last while and we have probably ticked a few people off as well ... but ... ALL ARE WELCOME HERE TODAY!

So here are a few odds and ends if you're interested ........

-Putin's party expected to win Russian election

-Germany's case against Karlheinz Schreiber

-Manitobans Expected To Blow Whistle On Child Porn

-Saskatchewan Hospitals Had Lowest Mortality Rates Under NDP Government

Always a joy to read your blog.

An open blog house is a cool idea.

Thanks Buckdog. It's nice to come inside on a day like this. (oh, eggnog!? you shouldn't have!).

The great thing about Buckdog is that he delivers what he promises -- nipping right-wing butt - consistantly.

Go to Conservative blogs and you find them bashing Libs and NewDems. Go to Liberal blogs and you find them bashing Cons and NewDems.

Go to NDP blogs and a lot of the time you find them bashing the party or each other. That's lame.

So here's to Buckdog and all the other NDP bloggers who take the fight where it belongs!

Cheers, BD.

An Open House?

You might not want to keep the door open too long Leftdog. Its a bit chilly out.

Hi! Thanks for the invite. I brought pastries for everyone and a bottle of something special for the host. Cheers!

There room for a Beast around here? I've always enjoyed your commentary and points of view Buckdog! Keep up the good work!

thanks for the invite, and I will come in as it is raining out now. Always a snappy read, and quick to the point. Lot's of humour too!

Too many lefties in here.

I'm Leaving

Knock Knock…

Can you let me in for a second

I forgot my mitts

Thanks to everyone who dropped by yesterday for my first ever Open House!

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