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Tuesday, December 04, 2007 

Harper's Spending On Polls Hits Record $31 Million

When Right Wing Governments Get Their Hands On The Cheque Book - Part 1

OTTAWA - Under Stephen Harper's Conservatives, the federal government spent more money on polling and focus groups last year than in any other since Ottawa began tracking the total costs of public opinion surveys. More than $31-million was spent sampling opinions in 2006-07, the first full fiscal year under a Tory government, according to a Public Works and Government Services Canada report. The Tories out-spent all the previous Liberal governments on public opinion research.

Last year's total marked a 17% bump in spending from 2005-06, a year when fewer polling contracts were conducted due to the January, 2006, federal election. But the Tories' public opinion spending still topped the 2004-05 figure, when the Paul Martin Liberal government issued survey contracts worth $29.1-million.

Glen McGregor, CanWest News Service

Buckdog is going to do a series of posts that busts the myth that Canadian Right Wing federal and provincial governments are fiscally 'conservative' - proof that there is NO such thing as a fiscal Conservative. These dudes go on massive spending sprees the minute they get signing authority over the public purse!

I think if you were to check when a minority Gov't is in power you'll see that polling costs go up....keep in mind that it has been a while, so inflation would have to be taken into acount

Fair ball ... here is the basis of my disgust at this ... why are my tax dollars being spent by the PMO to see what they need to do to try and be more popular? Why does the Conservative Party of Canada not spend their money for such polling?

This is one of those 'spoils of war' things that new governments seem to pounce on when the public puts their their trust in them. It is happening in spades where I live with our new Saskatchewan Party government .... but that will be brought up in a future post.

Someone has to step up and end these "spoils of war", such as having their hands on public dollars to fuel their polling. That's not a responsible government.

I mean, why don't we just have a dictator that is constantly polling the country and adjusting his/her policies to fit the mood of the majority in the country? We don't do that because we are a democracy! Using public cash to fund party polling is undemocratic whether it's a majority or minority government.

"Why does the Conservative Party of Canada not spend their money for such polling?"

Good question, seeing as how they claim to have an election war chest filled with millions of dollars!

More and more I'm becoming aware of the holes in our electoral and political system and I think it's time for Canadians to take back the political arena!

Whooee! I reckon if polls help gummint deliver what the people want, then they are a good tool. I'd go so far as to say they are a democratic tool. Adjusting policies to fit the mood of the majority is pretty much the textbook definition of democracy.

But... I reckon if polls help parties pull the wool over peoples' eyes by makin' 'em think they're gettin' what they're askin' for, then they ain't democratic, at all.

I figger there's more of the party-servin' pollin' than the public-servin' pollin' happenin' right now. The Con's screamed bloody murder about this sorta stuff whe they was in opposition. They're shameless, if nothing else.


Fiscal responsibility like new chairs?

BINGO Chad! Guess what my 'part 2' is going to be about!

Leftdog, you should go to the auction for the old ones and buy one then post the picture. I bet the chairs are just fine.

That number and extent of polls is indicative of either insecure or vain leadership.

What's interesting is that with all that polling, the Conservatives haven't moved anywhere in the polls.

Polls or no, where's the Accountability Act?

The Conservative party's use of Polling is not to find out what the majority wants so they can govern accordingly. The purpose is to find out what language to use to frame their message. But as JB said it is about how to pull the wool over the people's eyes. Gosh Darnit! There we go referring to sheep again.

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