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Tuesday, January 01, 2008 

May Canada's NEW Government Be Canada's OLD Government In 2008!


I have to agree with you Leftdod, I want this gov't to stay in power until they are old... the longer they're in power the better....

Unfortunately for you .. 'old' in this usage is translated as 'former' which is the status of 'government' that Harper and the Tories will experience within the next few months.

They will lose because they believe that their hard right wing crap/public policy is 'mainstream' with the Canadian public. It is not. Antics from Baird, MacKay, Harper, Day, Kenney have shown voters that this is the old Reform party under a 'Conservative' Banner. You're toast politically!

what a crock, socialism is in decline, the liberals and NDP being one in the same....let them split the Ontario vote...Quebec will vote PC, first Dion has to grow some nads. and the longer people see Taliban Jack in action the more that are turned off of that wing nut...I think You'll be whining about everything being RIGHT in the Country...for a long time

See it is comments from you like this, "socialism is in decline" that shows how out to lunch and out of step you are with mainstream Canadians. Only the extreme right thinks in those terms and uses phrase like that.

To consider supporters of the Liberal Party as 'socialists' only makes sense if you are on the far right of Ghengis Khan!

Keep talking like that ... your side loses votes everytime you open your mouth.

Harper finally figured that out in the case of Jason Kenney and Rob Anders. He has gagged them and keeps them on a short leash because, like you, they are hurting your 'cause' by showing how clued out you are politically. That kind of world view works at SDA but just like the Western Standard crowd, you are not mainstream; you are extremists!

Long live canada's Conservative Government!!

Federally my riding has not elected an NDP MP since 1988. So socialism is in decline in some places Leftdog. The Liberals are want a be socialists.

.... 'socialists'... LOL !

Boogeymen under your bed ... woooooo

It's time for the right wing to grow up.

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