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Wednesday, February 20, 2008 

1971 - Alberta Progressive Conservatives Elected

Yes 36 years of Conservative rule in Alberta is still underway!
Here is a sample of what else was occurring in the world waaaay back when the Alberta Tories came to power:

-China is admitted to the United Nations
-East Pakistan declared independence in 1971 creating 'Bangladesh'
-A new stock market index called 'the Nasdaq' debuts
-Women are granted the right to vote in Switzerland
-The Walt Disney World Resort opens in Florida
-In Uganda, Idi Amin leads a coup and becomes president.
-Trudeau's first term as Prime Minister
-War Measures Act lifted in Canada (imposed in October 1970)
-Richard Nixon's first presidential term
-Jim Morrison, singer for The Doors dies in Paris
-Charles Manson sentenced to death (later commuted)
-Major films of 1971: Love Story - Summer of '42 - The French Connection
-The Voting Age in the United States is lowered to 18 yrs old

-The Alberta Progressive Conservatives under Peter Lougheed defeat the 36 year old Social Credit government

Isn't it time for a change of government in Alberta!

I'm working on it....

No. I for one am happy with the Conservatives. I wasn't sure before the debates, but now I see that Stelmach is the only one who truly cares for Albertans. They've done a good job in the past and I'm sure they'll adapt to changing needs. If they don't they'll get tossed next time.

Isn't that what you said last time?

Look - there WILL be a day when the PC's are defeated. It is inevitable that it will occur because no government lasts forever.

After 36 years, when these characters vacate the government offices in Edmonton, they are going to need a fleet of hearses to haul away all of the old political 'skeletons in the closets's of the Alberta legislature.

There is ONE major issue in this campaign - no government should be in power this long!

It is time for Albertans (or 'All-Bertans - as Stelmach pronounces it) to throw open the political windows and let this stale, putrid Tory air out and some fresh air in!

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