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Wednesday, February 06, 2008 

How To Chip Away At The Mandate And Function Of The Canadian Wheat Board In Three Easy Steps!

Stephen Harper and the Conservatives are opposed to the Canadian Wheat Board on purely ideological lines. They are determined to kill the CWB as quickly as possible. In the last couple of days, here are the steps that they are quietly using to ensure that their misguided right wing plan moves along:

1) Change the Grain Act to eliminate the Canadian Wheat Board's ability to handle and sell high-quality grain abroad.

2) Hire a Right Wing political hack (who used to sit in Caucus with you as a Reform Member of Parliament) to bully your plan into place

3) Gag your employees and their union so that you are NOT criticised by people in the industry who see through your dishonest dealings.

Thinly veiled and dishonest - that is how Stephan Harper works - never honest about his intentions and working towards his Reform Party Utopia (while posing as a Conservative).

Don't forget 4) Leave the dirty work to your appointed lackeys so you can maintain plausible deniability during Question Period.

Ahh yes! I forgot that one - Thanks jennifer:

4) Leave the dirty work to your appointed lackeys so you can maintain plausible deniability during Question Period.

(Jennifer you have also reminded me of perhaps a #5 which will likely occur later today - right here on this post)

5) Dispatch your right wing minions to troll on progressive blogsites that catch you at your dirty work.

LD, if you don't want comments, just put up a sign saying,

"Anyone right of Lenin will be deleted promptly."

That should do the trick rather nicely.

Comments are fine Lance and while you and I do not always agree, you have always been respectful.

However, there are a couple of abusive posters who seem to take time off from beating their spouses and children who come here to try and beat on me ... I don't take beatings well ... I tend to bite back.

Good thing Im always respectful. There are posts somethings that could push me to the limit though. So I just don't comment on them.

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