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Thursday, February 07, 2008 

Saskatchewan Party Was In Possession Of Stolen Police Reports - Where Is the Regina City Police Investigation Result?

On May 5th, 2007, CBC carried this story.
"Regina police have launched an internal investigation into how two confidential department files made their way into the hands of Saskatchewan Party MLAs.
Earlier this week, the Opposition members made the police incident reports from 1992 and 1994 public at the legislature. [...]The Saskatchewan Party said the documents arrived in a brown envelope near the beginning of this session of the legislature and MLA Ken Krawetz said the documents have been turned over to police."


At the time, The Saskatchewan Party said the documents arrived in a brown envelope near the beginning of the spring session of the legislature and were turned over to police at their insistence. Officials with the Sask Party later revised their statement and indicated that they had the stolen police reports for about a year.

***In September,2007, Buckdog wrote the Regina City Police for an update on their investigation into the Sask Party. Here is a portion of our enquiry:

"Citizens of Regina continue to wait for the results of your investigation into HOW stolen Police Investigation records got into the hands of the Saskatchewan Party. [...] To date, nothing further has been made public from the RPC since May, 2007. Citizens of this city have a right to know HOW the records got to the Saskatchewan Party - and what the consequences are of the Saskatchewan Party posting the entire police files on their website!"

***Here is an excerpt from the reply received from the Regina Police:
"Thank you for your inquiry. Policing in Canada is built on public trust and participation: communication is integral to this relationship.

You are correct in asking why nothing has been said publicly about this since May. At that time, the Regina Police Service committed to conducting an investigation and reporting the outcome.

Currently, our internal investigation into the removal of the reports from our building is continuing. Two related inquiries are ongoing: the Office of the Conflict of Interest Commissioner is exploring the situation, and the RCMP is investigating the initial complaint of fraudulent activity in the early '90s. Since the subject matter of these investigations and inquiries is closely related, it would be inappropriate, and likely prejudicial, for us to discuss our internal investigation until the others are completed.

Once all the matters are concluded, we will report the outcome of our investigation.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Rick Bourassa
Executive Officer
Regina City Police

We still await the results of the Regina City Police Investigation.

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