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Friday, February 08, 2008 

Saskatchewan's Right Wing Cabinet Meets Secretly With Federal Conservative Members Of Parliament

Saskatchewan’s new right wing ‘Sask Party’ government goes to great lengths to deny that they have anything to do with the old Grant Devine Progressive Conservatives or Harper’s Conservative Party. They spin a well worn lie that they are a ‘merger’ of Conservaties and Liberals. Funny thing is that their spin just does not match reality.

Tomorrow, at Government House in Regina, the Brad Wall Sask Party Cabinet will meet in a joint planning session with Saskatchewan’s 12 Federal Conservative Members of Parliament and 3 Conservative Senators.

No connections.... ‘eh??

Well - for the record, Premier Brad Wall is desperately in need of a continuing Stephen Harper government. Don’t be surprised if the electoral machinery of the Saskatchewan Party is committed fully to Harper’s campaign in the looming Federal election.

What is most problematic for Wall (and 12 Tory MP's) is the issue of equalization for Saskatchewan and Harper’s broken promise to exclude Saskatchewan’s non-renewable resources from the formula calculation. Harper lied through his teeth on that one. Wall has defended Harper by saying that he will get an ‘even better deal’ from Harper than what had been originally promised.

Perhaps the joint planning session between Saskatchewan’s right wing provincial Cabinet and Harper’s 12 MP’s will come up with a line or two that they hope will get them through the next federal campaign with the least amount of damage possible.

-Regina Leader Post

Thanks for the tip-off. Did you make that I don't care for Harper button?

It was made by a university student from Ontario ... I can't remember his name offhand ..

Somehow I get the impression that getting a fair deal from harper is a lot like getting compassion from Bush.

The cavalier manner that our Prime Minister uses in lying and breaking promises is unbelievable. But it is fact never the less. He has the same kind of self righteousness that Bush displays - deep down, the Harper's and the Bush's convince themselves of the 'rightness' of their actions.

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