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Thursday, February 07, 2008 

Stockwell Day Says Canada Is Safe From 'A Swarm Of Foreign Hookers'

OTTAWA - Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day says he doesn't foresee a swarm of foreign hookers descending on the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. [...]

He told the Commons committee on the status of women there will likely be more Canadian prostitutes in the area during the Olympics.

"We see it on the domestic side," he said. "Just like you see crimes like pickpocketing go up, you see break-ins of automobiles go up, there are certain crimes that go up during those times."

But increased prostitution will also mean more arrests of pimps, he added.
Canadian Press

Wait, so your local officials don't see any imported hookers? This sounds like a market vacuum. Even in a commie country like Canada, that supply and demand stuff works. There's no way that your regular hookers in town could satisfy an Olympics crowd.

Sounds like a good opportunity for some enterprising American pimps to roll in with recreational vehicles full of recreational girls.

I was in Germany for the World Cup. They had thousands of government sanctioned hookers set up. The funny thing was, they didn't get alot of business!

Oh, go on! Oh, please!

Why not pull the other one,
it's got bells on it!

I thought this entry was about German crochet hobbyists.

Al ... you have to wonder if the North American Free Trade Agreement has no meaning to our Conservative government IF they intend on restricting US and Mexican sex trade workers from being able to ply their wares here north of the 49th!!

Good point, Leftdog. What's the point of all this nonsense about "free trade" if we can't get a little cross-border hooker action?

Likewise with the drug trade on our Mexican border. It's just bad business, and wasteful of tons of perfectly good dope every year.

Excellent point Al! It seems that 'B.C. Bud' from British Columbia flows easily across your border ... why not find a way to tax the crap out of it, and start balancing some national budgets!

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