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Friday, June 27, 2008 

Pity Liberal Candidates In Saskatchewan During Next Federal Election

During the last federal campaign, Liberals won 22.4% of the vote in Saskatchewan.

With Dion's admission that his new 'Green Shift' plan will hit Saskatchewan and Alberta particularly hard, it appears that the Liberals have written off these two prairie provinces. Even veteran Ralph Goodale's seat could be lost.

I suppose that Liberal strategists thought this through as they hived together their carbon tax plan and decided to write Saskatchewan off.

Fair ball. Liberals should not be surprised when Saskatchewan voters write the Liberals off. Sad thing is, Harper becomes the real winner.

New Democrats will pick up a lot of the lost Liberal support and it may even translate into some seats, but make no bones about it, Stephan Dion has written Saskatchewan out of his electoral plan. Liberals should be corrected when they refer to themselves as a 'national party'.

Dion Writes Off Saskatchewan

You asked if I had an oil well in the comments of my post on SDA. The answer is, 'yes', and so do you, everyone in Sask has one. That's what royalties mean.

The NDP will definitely gain in Sask because of this, as will the CPC. The Liberals will be decimated even more than they are now.

Sask and Alberta equal 40% of CO2 emissions in Canada, so 40% of $15B is $7B dollars. Almost the entire Saskatchewan Gov't Budget coming out of two provinces to go to Ont and Quebec.

The plan doesn't even have the grace to use our money for so called green technologies or environmental reinvestment.

Dion and this Western economy killing plan can not be allowed to pass.


lance ... where I disagreed with your rant on SDA was that you made it sound like it was 'your' oil that is being taxed! You feel it necessary to DEFEND and PROTECT the multi-national oil companies who are making BILLIONS while I suppose that your own business my get the odd crumb that falls from the mouth of the greedy oil barons! I simply believe that you were over the top (as most Sask Party supporters are) in you love, admiration and bloody ass kissing of Big Oil!

Although I should remind myself that you and Kate (and Wall and Boyd) adhere to the economic philosophy that if you pump all of the oats through the horse, the sparrows find a bit to peck on at the other end .... (meaning) ... royalty holidays from Wall to Big Oil allows the multi-nationals to rape Saskatchewan of Billion$ while small business people may pick up a couple of thousand extra from increased business! Big hairy deal!

I wish some of your outrage was targeted at those who are raping the province - BIG OIL COMPANIES!

Gas is up over 40 cents a litre here and you say NOTHING against the companies who are ripping us off. If we had seen a 40 cents a litre increase on gas tax, you would have lost you mind with outrage!

Sask and Alberta equal 40% of CO2 emissions in Canada, so 40% of $15B is $7B dollars. Almost the entire Saskatchewan Gov't Budget coming out of two provinces to go to Ont and Quebec.

Whooee! Some iffy stuff there, Lance.

First, the 40% or $7 billion is one side of a tax shift. The whole $7 billion won't be a net figure. The net figure will be the carbon tax minus the tax cuts. You know that.

Secondly, citing a combined figure for AB and SK and then describing in relation to the entire SK budget is disingenuous, at best. What is the (innacurate, non-net) $7 compared to the combined budget of SK and AB. How it compares to the smaller province is not telling the whole story -- just like treating the $7 as a net loss is not telling the whole story.

Thirdly, how do you know that this will benefit ON and QC? Is that spelled out in the spending shift portion of the plan? Oh, I forgot. There is no spending shift described in Dion's plan.

A carbon tax will ultimately benefit both AB and SK. A recent meeting ofUS mayors rejected tra sands oil as too dirty. Schwartzegger has made similar noises. The EU is starting to adopt carbon tariff policies and other countries will follow suit, including an Obama or McCain led USA.

Tar sands are a dirty business. AB and SK's big oil producers need to find ways to extract that oil without so much damage to the atmosphere and lakes. Voluntary and intensity based methods have yielded zero results. Big oil is making record windfall profits and should be investing in clean technology but without any carrot and stick, why would they?


I agree with Lance.

And as for the Liberals in Western canada...

There Toast.

The CPC and NDP are going to gain from this In Saskatchewan.

So let me get this straight

the Liberals are going to screw over western Canada in order to gain seats in Ontario and Quebec?

Do I need to buy you a Canadian History book leftdog?

It depends where the 'Canadian History' book was written! ;)

Dion himself is saying today that Saskatchewan is definitely going to be hit hard by his 'shift' - he is honest about that. He stated that in 10 years we will thank him for the pain we are about to endure from his carbon tax proposal.

Saskatchewan has been getting the shitty end of the stick under both Liberals and Conservatives ... whether it is Equalization or now a Carbon Tax.

Pulling billions out of the Prairie economy to give tax breaks in Eastern Canada sort of sounds like that is the plan ...

After the next federal election, Saskatchewan will be a shiny navy blue, from border to border to border to border.

ACtually John, the collapse of the Federal Libs in Saskatchewan will give some seats to the NDP - I predict that 4 or 5 would go to the NDP. (Unless Libs like you vote Conservative) - (( although I expect that you and SaskBoy will vote Green)) - ((( no matter)))

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