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Saturday, July 12, 2008 

Regina Leader-Post OpEd Slams Harper As Bully - Wall As Weak

Province bows to PM's bullying
Murray Mandryk
The Leader-Post
Published: Saturday, July 12, 2008

"For a few obvious reasons, no one (other than the NDP Opposition, perhaps) is terribly outraged over the decision by Premier Brad Wall's Saskatchewan Party government to drop the equalization lawsuit against the feds.

One can see why:

Despite the unfair national perception from certain quarters of the country that Saskatchewan is filled with whiny, greedy farmers, the opposite tends to be true.

Recently, a Winnipeg Free Press columnist had the audacity to portray Saskatchewan people as selfish and greedy for their general condemnation of federal Liberal leader Stephane Dion's Green Shift that specifically robs this province of its resource revenue through a carbon tax. This from a person who earns her living in a province heavily subsidized for its supposed "have-not" status to the tune of $2 billion in equalization money this year!

article continues in the Regina Leader-Post

This is my favourite part:

"Does anyone believe that Harper isn't going to be pouring money -- Saskatchewan's money -- into Ontario and Quebec before the next election?"

My oh my, doesn't that sound suspiciously like what the west is accusing Dion of. Makes all the Conservative hair-pulling over the massive Liberal "transfer of wealth from west to east" sound a little... disingenuous.

I said in another post that 'Harper has acutally done to Saskatchewan what Dion is merely threatening to do'!

It's not the first time for the west generally and Saskatchewan particularly.

Remember Mulroney and the "Crow"?

That, plus the aircraft maintenance contract being denied Bristol Air, was the impetus for the formation of the Reform Party and Preston Manning.

Now the latter-day Reformers want to do it all over again!

And, sad to say, most of the people out west bought it last time round.

Harper is undoing the country and it's going along at a good clip.
Now it's time to clip his wings at the ballot box.

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