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Saturday, July 19, 2008 

Sask. Company Locks Out Workers - Starts Threatening Organized Labour!

The Saskatchewan Wheat Pool was one of the largest grain companies in Canada. It has now reorganized and goes by the name of Viterra. The new company recently locked out its employees in Regina during contract negoitiations. The workers are attempting to have the lock out lifted by court order.

In the meanwhile, Progressive Blogger (and President of the Sasktchewan Federation of Labour) Larry Hubich is now being threatened by Viterra for publishing a blog post that showed the company's logo!

A copy of the letter threatening Larry appears on his blogsite.

During the first few months of the new Saskatchewan Party government, things are starting to get nasty after Brad Wall initiated an outright assault on organized labour.

So lockouts aren't acceptable, but strikes are?

And this is all Brad Wall's fault?

That's a stretch even for you, leftdog.

On John Gormley’s radio show in 2005 Brad Wall made it clear that his party would take on unions by “going to war” with them. You remember that quote Mike! And true to his word, the first legislation that Wall and his crew brought in was intended to curtail and ultimately cripple organized labour.

So he sets the mood in the province for the corporate sector and Viterra is one of the first to try and kick the men and women who go to work for them daily.

So YES, Wall is involved in this!

As to whether a lock out is better than a strike ... or worse ... I'd say it is worse. A huge corporation has far more resources than the 'Joe's and Mary's' who work for them.


What is it with you right wingers that you are so bloody afraid of bargaining at the table! You are all supposed to be such fancy pants business people yet you run away from an opportunity to sit at the table and discuss (with LOTs of back and forth dialogue). Typically, right wingers simply want to BULLY! (which is what you all do best)

Wow, do you like yelling on the Internet?

You don't make a company loyal to employees by going on strike either. It cuts both ways.

Do you understand what the actual definition of "war" is? Look it up.

The Saskies changed labour legislation. And your point is? Some like me believe it was for the better. Others like you, think it was a call to war. I guess we'll agree to disagree.

Your beloved NDP went to "war" with business by proposing the Most Available Hours legislation. That was a change in labour legislation as well. But I suppose in your eyes it was good.

As for the mood of the province, the mood was set by SUN and I think they came out of that OK, despite Bills 5&6.

Leftdog, your guys lost. They still don't have the support of the majority of the province. 80% supported Bills 5&6. We've dealt with your guys for 44 years. (here comes the Devine refernce, you can't help yourself). Now it's our turn. If we screw up, the voters will decide, no matter how loud you yell on the Internet or how indignant you and Larry Hubich become.

BTW, NDP Rider Grey Cups = 0 in 44 years. Sask Party Grey Cups = 1 in 15 days. And we're 4-0, the first time since the Liberals were in power.

Aren't you tired of being on the losing side. Come on over to the dark side; pay your penance, rip up your union card, quit your government position and I'm sure I can talk one of my corporate friends into hiring you.

You'll have to lose your anger though...


Mike - you don't get to piggyback all of your brainwashed, right wing, Bush ass kissing crap on my site! Get your own blog to post that nonsense!

He does have a blog. Its called SDA, Under the name "THE GREEK"



Thanks huffb1

Mike is going under the assumption that somehow labour and management are equals at the bargaining table. The boss is the boss and has privileges beyond those of labour and has control over capital. Unfortunately, labour unions are required to balance the unfair and unjust relationship between labour and management. Especially when your boss is a multinational corporation with more spending money than a lot of governments. It amazes me when people attack unions so much--it's usually due to jealousy toward the greater fairness of unionized working conditions.

I hope this lock out doesn't run the course that the Kongsberg lock out has.

Drop me a line, and I'll post something on uniongal.

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