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Monday, August 04, 2008 

Will The Harper - Dion Coalition Government Continue For Another Year?

You would think that if Dion is going to continue to prop up Harper's Conservatives, he should have at least negotiated a coalition arrangement where he got a few of his Libs into Harper's cabinet.

Realistically, what is the point of propping up another political party to the status of government and getting absolutely nothing for it except abuse?

The August 4th editon of the Hill Times has an article that seems to be indicating that the Harper governenment will likely continue to govern the nation with the fearful knee-trembling support of Stephane Dion.

Hey Libs! Get some courage! Force an election!

The Hill Times

"Harper - Dion Coalition Government". Has a catchy ring to it. ;)

You will note that I am going hard after Dion ... not Liberals.

Dion is a terrible leader. I said that here back at the time that he was elected.

I would expect the majority of rank and file Libs to start speaking up and telling Dion to get some courage!

Actually, I tentatively predict a fall election. A lot will depend on the outcomes of the by-elections on Sept 8.

Dion has been a massive failure.

Rae is....well, we have a name for him in Pvt, but hes a war horse, and I think he gets what the battle entails, and who the Cons really are.

Don't expect the libs to say too much. It's not about our country to many of them. its all about the ego.

At least Dion doesn't commit indiscretions to immigrant groups the way Harper did to the Sikhs in Surrey on Sunday.

Kenney tries to defuse the situation and digs himself deeper into the hole.

Isn't it time for a change back--Dion or no Dion.

I think we should go with the Set election date of Fall 2009.

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