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Wednesday, July 30, 2008 

Radovan Karadzic Extradited To Face Trial In The Hague

Alleged mass murderer, Radovan Karadzic was extradited Wednesday morning from Serbia to the Netherlands to face trial for war crimes.

His extradition comes on the heels of a demonstration by ultra-nationalist right wing supporters in Belgrade. Dozens of his supporters clashed with police in a desperate attempt to prevent his extradition.

Here is a summary of the charges he faces:

- One count of genocide (Srebrenica and elsewhere in Bosnia).
- One count of complicity in genocide (Srebrenica and elsewhere in Bosnia).
- One count of extermination, a crime against humanity.
- One count of murder as a crime against humanity
- One count of murder as a violation of the laws or customs of war.
- One count of willful killing as a grave breach of the Geneva Conventions governing wartime conduct.
- One count of persecution.
- Two counts of deportations and other inhumane acts.
- One count of inflicting terror upon civilians.
- One count of taking hostages.

-CBC News
-CTV News
-Lukewarm turnout at mass rally for Karadzic

Who was a person instrumental in developing the Courts in the Hague?

Louise Arbour. She's one of us.

Mme Arbour is also a person who gets
dumped on by the evangelical right because of something she said about

I'd rather listen to her and reflect on what she has to say than any evangelical in this country.

It seems we send people out to help the world with its problems and some of us don't have the insight to be grateful for their contributions.

Some of our number are whining ingrates. Some of them are preachers of some sort of "cracker barrel" Christianity which doesn't square with anything I've learned in 60+ years. And they wonder why they're on the fringes and "misunderstood".

The world needs more Arbours and not petulant whiners.

You may have warm personal feelings towards Ratko Mladic and Radovan Karadzic, BUT that does not change what the evidence shows. He broke the rules of civilized warfare. He needs to stand before the courts and world opinion. Serbia did many evil things as a nation in the name of Serb nationalism. All Serbs need to own up to what happened and help ensure that such atrocities do not happen again!

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