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Thursday, September 25, 2008 

Calgary Conservative Candidate Says Crime Caused By 'Newcomers to the country'!

"Canada accepts so many refugees, for example. These are people that have had a very difficult life from whence they came. If you’ve been in a refugee camp, then you live day-to-day. And those are troubled people. They come here and, well, it’s easy to take advantage of people that are trying to help. [...] “Particularly in big cities, we’ve got people that have grown up in a different culture. And they don’t have the same background in terms of the stable communities we had 20, 30 years ago in our cities… and don’t have the same respect for authority or people’s person or property.”
Lee Richardson
Calgary Centre Conservative candidate

"Tyler Kinch, a freelance graphic designer (and Progressive Blogger) who’s running against Richardson for the NDP, says Richardson’s comments are “disgraceful.” “Crime comes from everywhere, and there are many immigrants in our country that contribute to our society in great ways,” says Kinch. “...I don’t think those comments are productive, and I don’t think those comments should come out of an MP’s mouth.” Kinch says Richardson “should resign out of this election for those comments.”

-Calgary Herald
-Canadian Press

Remember Betty Granger and the Asian Invasion from 2000?

She was a riding president in Winnipeg.

Hard to get rid of the reformers, isn't it?

Gosh, not too racist and xenophobic is he?

Maybe Mr. Richardson out to be informed that Toronto, one of the most ethnically, racially and religiously diverse cities in Canada (if not the world) has a crime rate 1\3 that of Calgary or Edmonton or Winnipeg or Saskatoon - all bastions of Conservative thought.

Maybe the problem is too much homogeneity and not enough diversity.

And I think he should stay in the race, just to make sure other folks across the country know what kind of mouth-breathing ignorant retards are being put forth by the CPC.

Mr. R is another muffin. As in, you could run a muffin under the Conservative banner and it would win going away against the other parties.

Which is why real fights in this province, and doubly so in this city, happen at nomination meetings. Until someone like Rob Anders shows that's a waste of time too.

But why would the Conservatives care who actually is the rep and what they say? What are the voters going to do? Vote for another party? Bwaahahahah they say. And...they're right to bwahah as history has proven again and again out here.

Shouldn't he be focused on how to integrate new comers into Canada? There has not been any statement from the Conservative or any of the other parties, on their stand about issues affecting immigrants.
Wasn’t it immigrants who established this country in the first place. New comers come with wealth of knowledge, yet you have PhDs driving taxis.
There is a complaint that there is a labor shortage, however we have new comers doing menial jobs. The immigration process involves a point system based on your education and work experience, yet we treat immigrants to jobs that is below their educational capabilities.
Like a typical politician, making statements without data to confirm the statement.

. . . you could run a muffin under the Conservative banner and it would win going away against the other parties. . . .

Very similar words were used about Stockwell Day and Red Deer but instead of "muffin" it was Ken doll.

Granted they may be cringeworthy at times but sometimes it's downright tragicomedically funny.

Niles, it pains me how right you are. The same problem exists in Saskatchewan, and it certainly is that way for some other parties in other parts of the country. Our electoral system is screwed up to reward people like that. It just begs for cons to take advantage of it, and sure enough they do.

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